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    17 Reasons "Clueless" Is The Best Movie Of All Time

    Like, for real.

    Have you ever looked up from your life and realized that there are people out there who underestimate the genius of the 1995 perennial classic Clueless?

    Ugh, sit down. Let's talk this out.

    1. The world-building in this movie is truly impressive — who among us mortals could realistically pull off this much assorted, pleated plaid in our everyday lives?

    2. The linguistics alone craft their own universe, one "like" at a time.

    3. Let's not forget, this is a movie adapted from a classic that in turn became its own classic. What movie can match this movie's game?

    4. This is a movie that splashes around in the genres of teen movies and romcoms, all while leaving them both in its dust and crowning itself queen.

    5. Every second of this thing bursts with cinematic moments that will outlive the best of us. Eventually we will all wither down to nothing, but this moment will remain everything.

    6. People will be quoting this movie for the rest of eternity.

    7. This is a movie laced with very honest portrayals of our relationship to the world around us.

    8. Clueless spills wisdom at every opportunity.

    9. It also happens to contain the sickest burn of all time.

    10. This may be the only film we have that proves that Paul Rudd did at one point have the ability to age.

    11. And never has a flawless Beverly Hills princess been so perfect and so relatable all at once. Cher Horowitz is a leading lady for the ages.

    12. Somehow this feels both timeless and like some sort of time machine.

    13. Has there ever been a movie so full of gems as this?

    14. This movie laughs in the face of its own stereotypes and is one of those rare teen movies where popularity's used for good and not evil.

    15. Clueless is an artistic masterpiece, clearly.

    16. It's damn well worth celebrating.

    17. That's just how it is.