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    17 Reasons Emily Gilmore Is A Masterpiece

    There are plenty of amazing characters on Gilmore Girls. But Emily Gilmore is art.

    1. Lorelai Gilmore's sense of humor didn't just spring out of thin air.

    2. That famous wit came directly from this lady.

    3. She can cut you down with a single sentence. It might sound like a compliment, but it will in fact make you question the very basics of your existence.

    4. Not even celestial bodies dare get in her way.

    5. The way she expresses love is complicated and challenging, but that just makes her all the more fun to watch.

    6. She'll get up in your face tawdry as hell if you make her snap, and it's glorious every time.

    7. No one will ever match Emily Gilmore in a flowered robe smoking a cigarette, throwing back cocktails, and insulting her dead mother-in-law.

    8. Of course, she'd never cop to it. And that is the most beautifully human thing of all.

    9. She has a rock-solid instinct for self-preservation.

    10. There may never again be another relationship written with as much frustration, love, and nuance as the one between Emily Gilmore and her daughter.

    11. You know she's proud of the life Lorelai's made for herself even if she doesn't often know how to show it.

    12. And even when she's making choices that actively hurt the people she loves, Emily Gilmore is always so much more than a villain.

    13. She is a thorny, funny, vulnerable, fiercely intelligent woman who will fight for what she wants and who makes mistakes just as often as she triumphs.

    14. She can tear you limb from limb with just a few words.

    15. And she can make you cry like no one else.

    16. Emily Gilmore's contradictions can never be fully reconciled within herself, because Emily Gilmore is a FULL AND DYNAMIC HUMAN BEING.

    17. She's a character for the ages, that one.