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42 Questions We Still Have About The Logistics Of The Wizarding World

How do taxes work???

J.K. Rowling crafted a thoroughly beloved world with the Harry Potter series and all of its offshoots.

But we still have some questions.

1. What are wizard taxes like?

2. What's the deal with secondary school in the wizarding world? Are there just specialized vocational schools, or do they have general wizarding universities for those who want a higher education but don't know exactly what they want to do in life?

3. And is there any sort of process in place for magical folk who want to go to Muggle universities?

4. Do wizards learn math at all outside of the (optional) arithmancy classes?

5. How do wizard currencies work for traveling wizards going country-to-country? For instance, what's the wizard currency like for kids at Uagadou?

6. Some wizard kids attend Muggle schools until Hogwarts, but if that's the case, why are so many wizards still ignorant to Muggle customs when there's that big cultural crossover?

7. How many students actually went to Hogwarts?

8. How much does Hogwarts class size fluctuate year-to-year and generation-to-generation?

9. Was Harry's class an unusually small one? Was this because of the war so many of the kids were born in the middle of?

10. Considering paintings and photographs talk – and have opinions and relationships with each other – are they considered sentient beings? What are their rights?

11. What ~qualifications~ does a creature or humanoid being have to have in order to be considered a person?

12. How many squibs keep going in the magical world (like Filch), and how many try to make their way in the Muggle world?

13. How does one make the transition from the wizarding world to the Muggle one? How do you acquire the correct paperwork?

14. Do adult wizards carry IDs?

15. For real, though, how does wizard money work?

16. these governments really work?

17. Do wizards understand things like DNA? Can you isolate the magic gene?

18. What's the process of electing government officials? What are the ballots like?

19. Do wizarding villages have town halls and local governing bodies?

20. And what about the villages that are (like most of the ones that have wizards) also inhabited by Muggles? Do the Muggle residents still expect the magical residents to abide by the laws of their local government, or do they sense something weird is up and just leave them to their own thing?

21. ARE MANDRAKES PEOPLE?! They party, and flirt, and move into each other's pots!

22. What are the ethics of cutting up mandrakes for potions or discarding paintings, then, if they're sentient? Or is it all illusion?

22. Did the rules about technology at Hogwarts change once the internet boom hit in the years after Harry left school?

23. It had to, right? You know Muggleborns these days wouldn't stand for complete separation from the internet and the ease of modern Muggle communication. Did some magic-Muggle hybrid technology come out of this? What does that look like?

24. What are the laws for who can vote? Can centaurs vote?

25. If owls can find anyone to deliver a message, how could the Ministry not find Sirius Black?

26. For practical spells like for cooking or knitting, do you first have to learn how to cook and/or knit to master the spell? Or do most wizards lack knowledge of how to do it manually?

27. What is wizard health insurance like? I'm assuming this is heavily influenced by the taxes and government issue.

28. Hogwarts is tuition-free, but is there financial assistance for kids whose parents can't afford even second-hand robes and books? Or would Harry have been out of luck if he hadn't had a trust fund?

29. For wizard doctors, do they also have to learn "muggle science"?

30. Have wizards gone to space?

31. Are dolphins and whales sentient enough to have magic? WHAT IS WHALE MAGIC LIKE?

32. What are the resources for wizards who are blind or deaf? For example, is there sign language for spells?

33. Are spells different across language barriers? Are there spells English-speaking wizards can't do when they don't understand Hindi slang?

34. What is the ~wizard science~ of inventing new spells?

35. Are wizards afraid of thermonuclear war?

36. How do Muggles send mail to Hogwarts? See: The Dursley's "presents" to Harry.

37. It has to be easy or the Dursleys wouldn't have bothered, right?

38. Who makes the call on what the line between magic and dark magic is? For example: The Order couldn't grow George's ear back because Sectumsempra is dark magic, but love spells are commonly and pretty openly practiced by students at Hogwarts while Harry's at school.

39. Do wizards just get their paycheck as huge bags of coins?

40. What's the wizarding housing market like?

41. How did the squid get in that lake?

42. Where the heck is my Hogwarts letter??

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