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    Posted on Jun 5, 2016

    22 Things You Probably Understand If Portland Is Your Hometown

    You have strong opinions about umbrellas.

    1. The weather is a mysterious beast that can be cloudy, raining, and shining sunshine in your eyes all at once.

    Nattul / Getty Images

    2. You're pretty used to wildlife finding ways to crop up in your everyday city life.

    3. The inner workings of TriMet are embedded in your brain.

    4. You have significant experience with the stigma against umbrellas.

    Ingram Publishing / Getty Images

    5. Because you ain't afraid of no goddamn rain.

    6. You know that the holiday season's kicked into high gear when the Portland stag gets turned into Rudolph.

    Regardless of denomination, it's always there.

    7. And you know the season's really over when people jump into shorts and sundresses on the first 50-degree day after a long, wet winter.

    8. Sometimes you forget that the rest of the country doesn't have New Seasons.

    Facebook: NewSeasonsMarket

    Well, they kinda do; they just call it Whole Foods.

    9. You have very strong feelings about Portlandia, one way or the other.


    Probably either "this is the worst thing that's ever happened to my city" or "this is incredibly accurate."

    10. For better or for worse, you've seen more of these bumper stickers in your lifetime than you'll ever be able to count.

    11. And this carpet pattern triggers a deep reaction in your gut.

    Nostalgia? Hatred? Deep-seated, overwhelming offbeat love?

    12. You know that this city isn't all hipsters...

    David Buffington / Getty Images

    13. Though they certainly make their presence known.

    14. This guy's cropped up on your Facebook feed more than once.

    15. Even your elementary school got in on the annual "Civil War" game between UofO and OSU.

    16. And Portland Public Schools are very loose with what they consider a snow day.

    Reddit Blog: We got 1 day of snow in Portland Oregon. This is what ... via @reddit #News

    They spotted ice somewhere in NE, so they shut down the whoooole damn thing.

    17. Your eyes have been subject to the annual World Naked Bike Ride.

    18. Powell's is the default bookstore in your heart.

    19. You know you don't have to brave the unbearably long line of the downtown Voodoo Doughnuts to get you that Voodoo goodness.

    There's also a cart at SE 82nd and a location at NE Davis.

    20. You know that your city's not anywhere near perfect.

    Gary Sanchez Productions / Via

    We've got a lot to work on.

    21. But our waterfronts are worthy of legend.

    Jose1983 / Getty Images

    22. And nothing beats the view.

    Ingram Publishing / Getty Images

    Hey, it's home.

    Jose1983 / Getty Images

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