17 Tumblr Posts All Book Lovers Will Feel In Their Soul

    "If I lay here, if I just lay here, will you just leave me alone and let me read my book?"

    1. This reminder of the staying power of a good book.

    2. This terrifying realness.

    3. It really is the fucking bestworst.

    4. This sadistic offering to the book gods.

    5. This complete fail of a balancing act.

    6. This inability to let go.

    7. And this killer suspense.

    8. This understanding that reading is both fun and a very serious matter.

    9. This utter lack of restraint.

    10. This grounds for immediate dismissal.

    11. And this desire to be left the fuck alone with your reading.

    12. This calm and dignified reaction.

    13. This guilt trip.

    14. This uncomfortable relationship to Voldemort.

    15. This test from fate.

    16. This sinking feeling.

    17. And let's not forget the best feeling in the whole damn world.