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Bette Midler Tweeted Interest In Being Jennifer Lawrence And Amy Schumer's Movie Mom


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The beautiful union of bros that is Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence has captivated us all — especially once they announced they're writing a screenplay together about being sisters.

What on Earth could make a more perfect family?

BUT WAIT, what is this over here?

Amy Schumer & Jennifer Lawrence are co-writing a screenplay about sisters. Hmm, who could play their mother? She'd have to be DIVINE!

BETTE MIDLER HERSELF has just thrown her hat into the ring to play the pair's mother.

Paramount Pictures

And hell, the genetic fates have already spoken.

Brendon Thorne / Getty Images
Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images
Jason Merritt / Getty Images

We're all familiar with JLaw's love of the Divine Miss M and the perennial classic First Wives Club.

So basically this has to happen. The fates have demanded it.

Comedy Central / Via

Just imagine the joy this would bring to the masses.

Now all we need is Amy Poehler to join this movie and we will have the perfect blonde quartet of a family.


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