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    17 Moments That Will Make You Miss Ben Wyatt, Human Disaster

    This show is the greatest thing that ever happened to us and I miss it every day of my life.

    1. Hello. It's a day of the week, which means that today you probably miss Parks and Rec and its number one husband, Ben Wyatt.

    2. Don't worry, I miss him too. We all do. His tender soul is iconic.

    3. As is his commitment to Game Of Thrones.

    4. Never has the quote-unquote "straight man" on a sitcom been so quality.

    5. His bumbles are relatable...

    6. ...and his snark is incredible.

    7. He writes Star Trek: TNG fanfic and then reads it aloud. I mean, what else do you need?

    8. He's basically the best husband to have ever existed on television.

    9. And he is MAGNIFICENTLY bad at pranks.

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    10. His relationship with Orin was genuinely compelling.

    11. And his relationship with calzones was one for the ages...

    12. ...though it was not meant to last.

    13. Ben Wyatt is all of us, really.

    14. And yet none of us, in the best way.

    15. He's coolio beans.


    16. He's the movie Enchanted.

    17. He's Ben Wyatt, human disaster, king of our hearts.


    May he live long and prosper wherever he is.

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