23 Of Buffy Summers' Most Iconic Lines

    "If the apocalypse comes, beep me."

    1. When she laughed in the face of death.

    2. When she knew some dude wasn't necessary in her life.

    3. When she let Giles know it always came down to her.

    4. When she lost her memory but quickly realized she was a badass.

    5. When she got real about just how in over her head she was.

    6. When she reminded Giles that he's an old.

    7. When she gave the pep talk of the century.

    8. When she took the time for jokez.

    9. When she reminded Giles that plans are for squares.

    10. When she spilled her heart about her sacrifices.

    11. When she got all up in Willow's face.

    12. When she pined for that fire.

    13. When she forgot about her yummy sushi pajamas.

    14. When she asked the tough questions.

    15. When she made things awkward with her ex.

    16. When she got really into this pumpkin metaphor.

    17. When she embraced the "girly" things in life (whatever that means).

    18. When she taught Dawn a valuable lesson.

    19. When she winked in the face of the apocalypse.

    20. When she had things handled.

    21. When she questioned whether she could keep going.

    22. When she knew she wasn't done.

    23. And when she knew that she was enough.