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Barb Made Our Dreams Come True By Surprising The "Stranger Things" Kids With Cake

Shannon Purser forever, tbh.

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Oh, Barb. So beautiful, so divisive, so (ahem) short-lived.


Stranger Things may not be coming back until some vague unspecified date in 2017, but luckily for us cast members like Shannon Purser, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, and Millie Bobby Brown are here to make it a delightful wait.

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Like when the Stranger Things kids were all just casually hanging out with Chelsea Handler, talking about justice for Barb...


And Shannon just rolls on in carrying a cute-ass cake.

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It was all kind of overwhelmingly cute, really.

If we can't get justice for Barb quite yet, at least we can make Shannon Purser feel real good about her life.

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Long live Barb, long live Shannon Purser.


This episode of Chelsea is available Thursday, Sept 8th, at 12:01am PST.