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    Aziz Ansari Called Out The Whiteness Of Late Night To Stephen Colbert

    Aziz, casually going in one day at a time.

    Aziz Ansari is currently making the rounds chatting up his dad and promoting his new Netflix show, Master of None.

    Noam Galai / Getty Images

    As Master of None deals in part with issues of diversity in Hollywood, the topic has been coming up not infrequently — including on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night.


    Aziz brought up Colbert's place in history as "the bajillionth white guy."


    "That's pretty cool; we're both from South Carolina. Stephen is the first late-night host from South Carolina, and the bajillionth white guy."

    At which point the conversation turned to diversity — and just how much Aziz's very presence was boosting CBS's stats.


    "You've talked about not enough people of color, minorities represented on television," Colbert said. "Is having you on my show right now — does that count at all?"

    "Yeah, it's really diverse right now, it's like 50% diverse," Aziz said. "Fifty percent of the people on the TV are not white," Colbert responded.


    "This is like an all-time high for CBS," said Aziz.


    You can watch the rest of the exchange here.

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