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    Posted on Sep 21, 2015

    13 Awards Amy Poehler's Definitely Earned

    The Emmys came and the Emmys went, but Amy Poehler will always be a winner in our hearts.

    1. Warmest Bart Simpson Cackle

    2. Outstanding Advocacy For the Talents Of Women

    Valery Hache / AFP / Getty Images

    Poehler is one of many women in Hollywood who have publicly devoted themselves to raising up the voices of other talented women.

    3. Mindblowingly Beautiful Part In The Creation Of A Character Who Will Outlive Us All


    4. Steadfast Demonstration Of Female Friendships

    Michael Buckner / Getty Images
    Joe Klamar / AFP / Getty Images
    Brian Ach / Getty Images

    5. Outstanding Inspiration Of Everyone Who Comes Into Contact With Her Brilliance

    6. Amazing Ability To Make Us Cry With A Single Facial Expression

    7. Best Knack For Getting Us To Laugh Whenever She Damn Well Pleases


    8. Impressive Ability To Call The World On Its Bullshit


    9. Outstanding Comedic Icon In An Era That Really Needs it

    Handout / Getty Images

    10. Brilliant Spokesperson For Brilliant Girls

    .@vandoza #Emmys @amyschumer @gloriasteinem #SmartGirlsAsk

    If you're not following Amy Poehler's organization Smart Girls At the Party then we highly recommend you get on that ASAP.

    11. Best In Seemingly Unceasing Wisdom

    12. Outstanding Comraderie With People Who Might Otherwise Be Considered Competition

    13. Impeccable Ability To Not Give A Fuck and Keep On Being A Legend

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