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Watch Stephen Colbert Reprise His “Colbert Report” Character

It's the first time he's reprised the character of "Stephen Colbert" since The Colbert Report.

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Asked why the character is supporting Donald Trump, "Colbert" took a long pause before saying that it's "because he's worse than truthiness."

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"He's taken it one step further, because it doesn't even matter whether you believe it's true, it's just that it sounds good coming out of your mouth."

When it came time to be the real Stephen Colbert again, he shook the character right out of him.

BuzzFeed / Via Facebook: BuzzFeed

He also discussed the way the iconicity of the character impacts his interviews today: "I think sometimes [guests] think I'm gonna throw a punch because they saw the old show for 10 years. The legend of 'Stephen Colbert' the character doesn't help me in any way in those interviews. So I spend a fair amount of my interviews sometimes — someone sits down and I'll look in their eyes and go 'Oh, they were a fan of the—' and I'll have to calm them down for the first 30 seconds because they think I'm gonna go for the jugular."

You can watch the full Facebook Live interview here.

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