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    17 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About The Making Of "Gilmore Girls"

    For example: Gypsy was in love with Lorelai, according to Rose Abdoo.

    1. The Gilmore Girls pilot hired and fired two separate Deans before they got to Jared Padalecki.

    2. One of the casting directors couldn't keep it together when Melissa McCarthy came in to audition for Sookie.

    3. The costume designers only had about a day to make those PJs with Jackson's high school wrestling photos all over them.

    4. It was Rose Abdoo's personal belief throughout the show that her character Gypsy had a thing for Lorelai (Lauren Graham).

    5. Ryan Gosling once bombed an audition for the show.

    6. Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino didn’t like Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel showing much midriff, despite the trends of the era leaning toward low-riding pants and high-rising shirt hems.

    7. When Casey and Rudofksy first met creator Sherman-Palladino, she was hanging out in her trailer in an “I Fucked Your Boyfriend” T-shirt.

    8. Those town meetings sometimes took full 20-hour days to film.

    9. Struthers, who plays Babette, and Ted Rooney, who plays Morey, went to the same high school in Portland, Oregon. Rooney's dad was one of Struthers' teachers.

    10. Biff Yaeger, who plays Tom, auditioned to play Taylor Doose in the first season.

    11. After years of serving as the show's dialogue coach, George Bell was cast as Professor Bell at the last minute.

    12. Graham was the quickest to adopt the show's fast-pace talking style, according to Bell.

    13. When Rami Malek was trying to land his now-famous role on the show, it was via a headshot on which he'd written, "You should really meet me, because I'm great."

    14. Padalecki grew taller in between Seasons 1 and 2, which presented a challenge to the crew.

    15. The dresses seen in the iconic “You Jump, I Jump, Jack” episode are used two other times on the show.

    16. According to the writers, the reason we never meet Lane's (Keiko Agena) father in the original series is that it just never came up in the writers room.

    17. When you see characters talking on the phone in the revival, there's a very good chance they're talking to Bell behind the scenes.