Calling All Horror Lovers, These Are The 10 Queer-Hosted Podcasts You Need To Start Streaming

    Repeat after me: It's only a podcast, it's only a podcast, it's...

    1. Midnight Mass

    Midnight Mass hosts with a pitchfork.

    2. Dark Night of The Podcast

    3. Petrified

    Petrified podcast.

    4. FriGay The 13th

    FriGay The 13th

    5. Our Opinions Are Correct

    An alligator and a rocket.

    6. Colors Of The Dark

    Colors Of The Dark written in blood.

    7. The Boulet Brothers' Creatures of the Night

    Two drag queens in horror attire.

    8. The Polyester Podcast

    Purple checkered board print and a pink heart.

    9. Gaylords of Darkness

    A person with devil horns drawn on.

    10. Horror Queers

    Two cartoon people and a ghost in a closet behind them.