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5 best GoPro Action Camera Accessories

Make the most from Go Pro Action Camera with 5 amazing accessories

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You are able to use GoPro to film anything you like. But when you want to unlock its full potential then you have to use some accessories. Since there are too many accessories available in the market, you find it hard to decide what accessory to grab and what to skip. So, today I decided to unlock details of five best accessories. Let’s get their details below.

1.PGYTECH Adapter Switch Mount Plate

Before you shoot anything with accuracy, you need to mount your camera. For this purpose, you need a mount plate. No doubt, PGYTECH Adapter plate is the best choice you have. There are many plates available but when it comes to perfect mounting and placement, you won’t get any better choice than this. It is quite easy for you to install your camera on this plate which is durable and made of high quality material. You can find a screw in this plate which is good to integrate any other accessory with this plate. It is made of aviation aluminum alloy with high precision laser engraving and anodic oxidation.

2.Go Pro 3Way

You can find a wide variety of sticks to use along with Go Pro but when you need the best one then it is one and only Go Pro 3 Way. People prefer it due to its multi-functionality. This stick moves between 7.5 to 20 inches. It brings comfortable grip since it is light weight. It is detachable which makes it a small handle for the camera.

3.Knog Kudos Action Video Lights

When you are shooting in low light situation then you need the perfect light which is available in the form of Kong Kudos Action video lights. This is indeed the best light for Go Pro cameras. There are many different light settings you can try with this light. This water-proof light is powered by a rechargeable battery. It comes with a camera mount bracket which means you don’t need to get a separate accessory to attach this device to your camera.

4. AirDog Drone

If you want to get full action in your life then attach your action camera with a drone. This quadcopter brings wireless and Bluetooth capabilities for you. You can control it quite easily. Though this drone is pricey but it delivers on the asking price. You can shoot from your desirable height via this amazing drone.

5. Polar Pro Powergrip

Do you need a waterproof selfie for your action cameras? If yes then you need to grab this device since it is quite useful. You are able to get amazing selfies with the mean of it. This stick comes with 11 inches extendable arm. It brings a mount and some addon that allows you to charge your GoPro underwater.

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