People Say This Genius "Sandwich Method" Is The Easiest Way To Get Dressed In The Morning, And After Trying It Myself, I Can See Why

    The "sandwich method" might help you get out of your outfit rut.

    Hello! My name is Alana, and before I started writing for BuzzFeed, I worked a range of roles in the fashion industry — from running a fashion magazine to buying for Bloomingdale's in the Big Apple to working in wholesale sales for Michael Kors Canada.

    The author sitting on bench outside PIZZA shop in purple coat, white dress, black boots, holding blue bag

    While I've left the corporate fashion industry behind, I still love dabbling with personal style, whether it's my own style, or helping my friends, family, and even people on the internet get dressed every day.

    Person in a white top, jeans, and green jacket takes a selfie on a city street

    I have a series where I try dressing in different styles and trends, or even like other celebs. I've tried dressing like a Pinterest girl (a popular trend on TikTok), Princess Diana, and this week, I'm trying something new: the "sandwich method" (also a popular trend on TikTok).

    Person demonstrating 'The Sandwich Method' by holding hands apart as if holding a sandwich

    I've come across the "sandwich method" quite a bit on TikTok. Basically, it's a styling hack where you "sandwich" a color or shade on the top of your outfit to the color or shade on the bottom of the outfit. It's a way to create balance and cohesion in your outfits. Here's an example:

    For most, this means matching the color of the top to the color of the shoes. However, I've also seen creators match bags to shoes, hats to shoes, tops to socks, hats to pants, etc. I like to think it can be anything on top that matches anything on the bottom.

    Woman in oversized jacket and wide-leg pants stands indoors, hands slightly extended. A pink square obscures part of the image

    And as creator @itsmykz pointed out, you don't have to choose the same exact color; you can also go by shade (e.g., dark gray to light gray, or navy blue and baby blue).

    I decided to put the "sandwich method" to the test for a week, and boy, it did not disappoint! I found it to be one of the easiest styling hacks I've come across. It's super simple and intuitive, and if you're in a rut on how to get dressed every day, it can certainly help. So, let's get right into all my attempts:

    Outfit 1: The Purple People-Eater Sandwich 🍞🍠

    Woman in a long purple coat, leopard print top, and white skirt standing in a room with clothes rack behind

    Outfit 2: The Green-Machine Sandwich 🥪🥬🥑

    Woman in a bright green blazer and jeans with sunglasses, holding a white bag, standing by a rack of clothes with a cat nearby

    Pardon the brief interruption from Clementine, who wanted to be a garnish to my "green machine" sandwich outfit herself... 🍊

    Woman in green jacket posing with an orange and white cat, with clothing rack in background

    Onwards! Outfit 3: The Strawberry Sandwich 🍓🍄

    Woman in casual attire with vest and jeans, accessorized with a headband and sunglasses, standing in a room with a clothing rack

    Outfit 4: Carrie Bradshaw's Cherry Cheese Sandwich 🍒

    Woman in patterned dress with handbag and sunglasses standing in a room with clothes rack behind

    Outfit 5: The Blueberry Grilled Cheese (or the "Go Blue" Sandwich) 🫐🧀

    Woman in sunglasses and cap stands posing with one leg raised, wearing a yellow furry jacket and denim shorts

    Outfit 6: Blueberry Nutella Streetwear Sandwich 🫐🍫

    Person in a layered outfit with a cap stands in a room with clothes rack and a cat walking by

    Phew! Pause again because all this styling had us a little tired, and Clementine didn't understand why she wasn't the main attraction.

    Person in a cap and jacket cuddling with an orange cat on a pink chair

    Back to it! Outfit 7: The "Bread and Butter" Sandwich 🧈🥖

    Person in a casual outfit with a yellow top, jeans, and sunglasses, posing in a room with a clothing rack

    And lastly:

    Outfit 8: The "Corporate Girly" Sandwich 🥬🥙

    Woman in oversized blazer, mini skirt, and boots, holding purse, standing in a room with clothes rack

    All that being said, that's a wrap on my "sandwich method" attempts! Overall, I recognize that matching your clothes is not new, but sometimes styling isn't always intuitive, so it's nice to have a sort of "method" to lean on when you're in a rut.

    I loved that I could use so much of the color in my closet, and even for the less colorful attempts, I learned that the sandwich method can help find "base" outfits that you can leave as is or get creative with to style even further. While I found the method can get predictable, there are always ways to style further or make an outfit your own.

    So, whether you're a styling guru or just trying to get out of a rut with your clothes, I find something for everyone in the "sandwich method." No matter how you slice it (pun intended), the "sandwich method" makes getting dressed easier, and that's a win for everyone! 🥪