These 31 Funny Tweets Had Me Cackling All Week Long, And I'm 97.777% Certain They Will For You, Too

    "When twins aren't identical I’m like ok then what was the point of all that." —@isabellayonce

    Welcome back, y'all! March is right around the corner, but we still have time to reflect on all the funny tweets from this cold February week. So, let's get right into 'em:


    when twins arent identical i’m like ok then what was the point of all that

    — B 🦋 (@isabellayonce) February 12, 2024
    Twitter: @isabellayonce


    My parents have been married 60 years. My mom told me she has been giving my dad the same Valentine’s Day card for TWENTY years. And the beauty is he has no idea. He reads it in its entirety every year. And then she puts it back in a drawer for next year. Freaking genius.

    — Lady Lawya (@Parkerlawyer) February 13, 2024
    Twitter: @Parkerlawyer


    An edited photo of a person with exaggerated facial features including large eyes and a big smile


    this fucking convo between my coworker who quit and my boss is killing me bc bro quit with a breakup text and my boss responded like a serial killer

    — Ivy🌱 (@brzie_) February 15, 2024
    Twitter: @brzie_


    My mom had a seizure yesterday and just asked me “do you think i burned calories from all the shaking” HELLO

    — annabelle :3 (@oomfabelle) February 12, 2024
    Twitter: @oomfabelle


    A cluttered bookshelf with various items and books, including a book titled "IS MY CHILD STUPID?" by Peter Lawrence


    OH BOY is she in for some surprises

    — Joe Holder (@JoeHolder_) February 16, 2024
    Twitter: @JoeHolder_


    Covered the dang dog like it’s an enchilada

    — dillard (@dillythebish) February 16, 2024
    Twitter: @dillythebish


    Signpost with multiple business advertisements including a tax service, optical shop, tattoo parlor, insurance agent, and gun shop


    When my ex randomly decided to become a rapper, my therapist laughed and said, “So you’re dating Tariq from Abbot Elementary.”

    — 👽brittny pierre🪩 (@sleep2dream) February 16, 2024
    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via Twitter: @sleep2dream


    not surprised men think 54 seconds is a long time

    — that blonde from nashville, esq. (@thehaileemurphy) February 12, 2024
    CBS / Via Twitter: @thehaileemurphy


    Text message conversation discussing Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, and others in a humorous and concerned tone


    It’s kinda crazy that now we’re old enough for my friends to be holding the serious roles lmao like girl how you the director of marketing you mad grown

    — Sade (@_munchkinn) February 13, 2024
    Twitter: @_munchkinn


    contemplating the occasion upon which this would be an appropriate card to give someone

    — emile zola sour candies (@wagyucube) February 13, 2024
    Twitter: @wagyucube


    I’d rather die than buzz an employee to give me deodorant

    — comfy (@ihatethiskid) February 13, 2024
    Twitter: @ihatethiskid


    Never seen a more perfect picture of scaring the hoes

    — 2023 National Champions (@Miserable_PhD) February 19, 2024
    Jordan Pettitt - WPA Pool/Getty Images / Via Twitter: @Miserable_PhD


    The black eyed peas used to casually walk around like this

    — MIMI ZIMA 🇵🇸😷 (@MIMI_ZIMA) February 15, 2024
    Max Cisotti/Dave Benett/WireImage / Via Twitter: @MIMI_ZIMA


    once again it is 4pm, too early for a beer, too late for a coffee, and so i find myself roaming the streets desperate to spend $8 on a mysterious third beverage

    — erin chack (@ErinChack) February 19, 2024
    Twitter: @ErinChack


    The true measure of wealth is not your private equity portfolio, it’s this:

    — WookieeIndex (@WookieeIndex) February 13, 2024
    Twitter: @WookieeIndex


    jason is giving yoo hoo big summer blowout

    — lauren⸆⸉ 💕 miami(Florida!!!) n3 (@folklaurens) February 14, 2024
    Twitter: @folklaurens


    Punxsutawney Phil, YOU ARE LIKE PAPA

    — erin 🐿 (@erincuo18) February 13, 2024
    Twitter: @erincuo18


    Vape shop

    — Drunk Coyotes (@drunkyotes) February 15, 2024
    Twitter: @drunkyotes


    big nintendo wii

    — 💛🤍 Mat 💜🖤 (@MatttGFX) February 18, 2024
    Twitter: @MatttGFX


    Me in the womb wasting time instead of saving money and buying land

    — chebetonsteroids (@Iam_ronoh) February 15, 2024
    SciePro via Shutterstock / Via Twitter: @Iam_ronoh


    No caption needed

    — Lays (@OTD2point0) February 16, 2024
    Twitter: @OTD2point0