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Top 5 Beaches In Sri Lanka

Situated on the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a true paradise detached from India. Surrounded by dreamlike beaches, with magnificent natural surroundings, this country dazzles us with its friendly people, ancestral culture, its endless rice paddies, the jasmine scent and its delicious tea.

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But one of the main attractions of the island are its beaches of various characteristics, where everyone can find the one that they like with Sri Lanka visa. The beaches of Sri Lanka invite you to enjoy them and to live them, not only for its beauty, but also for the low prices, since the lodging and the food are very economic in this country, reason why to have an unforgettable vacation is within reach of the hand.


If you are looking for rest and disconnect from everything, Tangalle is your perfect beach. With an elemental tourist infrastructure and exceptional landscapes, with coconut trees bordering the white sands that are immersed in an intensely blue sea, you can enjoy the sun, idly watch the fishermen in an atmosphere full of calm.


Mirissa is one of the most visited resorts, with a more developed tourist infrastructure. It is a beach to meet people, have fun and lie in a hammock among coconut trees. But it is also a point of observation of the blue whale that usually crosses the beach.

Arugam Bay

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The best waves of Sri Lanka are on the beautiful Arugam Bay beach. That is why between May and November, surfers come mainly from Australia, Germany, England or Holland to spend the summer with their boards, attracted by waves and low prices. During the season, surfing competitions are held. But not only surfing you can practice in Arugam, you can also dive, take a boat or just sunbathe. To reach the beach, the best way is to rent a vehicle, as the bus service is complicated.


It is one of the favorite beaches for tourism and hotels, there are the main hotels boutiques and hotel chains, which are based around the beach. Despite this, Bentota is still not a massive destination and you can enjoy the calm and the scenery with all the comforts of a modern spa.

These things should be considered for travel in Sri Lanka

•Sri Lanka is a very cheap country for holiday but the entrance fees for the MOST places are very expensive !!

•Do not book any trips and tours on the beach by the guys on the beach !! You will pay more then the double price. And you will not get a quality tour.

•If within your travel agency in your country you will also have to pay the double price or more. Why? They have a lot of marketing costs and have to make catalogs and travel magazines. All this costs and the client has to pay.

The best way is to book directly through the tour operator who does tours in Sri Lanka. You do not have money to pay in advance and if you are not satisfied you can stop.

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