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The Best Views Of Viscoelastic Mattresses Are Here

Viscoelastic mattresses are the latest trend and the reasons are obvious: silent, comfortable, lightweight, adaptable to the body, delivered vacuum packed and, if that were not enough, are moderately priced compared to other class of mattresses, such as bagged springs . As with so popular products, viscoelastic mattresses have an extensive offer in the market between which we must decide.

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Already in previous articles we have listed the best mattress on the market, highlighting the presence of viscoelastics. We also show you a specific list with the best viscoelastic mattresses that you can buy online. So, now that you know their features and functions thoroughly, you may find yourself wondering what are the views of viscoelastic mattresses?

The valuation and feedback of previous consumers is a decisive factor when choosing a product, as it can help you to notice details and defects that the publicity of the mattress will not do. Do you want to know which are the best rated viscoelastic mattresses? What have been the best and worst opinions of mattresses? Find out all the above in this article.

1. Sleeping Sapphire

The Dormio Zafiro is positioned as the best rated of our list. On a scale from 1 to 5, the mattress has reached 4.5 stars in the valuation of its customers. The best opinions indicate that the mattress meets all the expectations of the customers: good quality at affordable price, excellent finishes and also pleasing to the eye and touch.

Many consumers mention that the mattress has helped them with back ailments, since their hardness is quite high. Upon receiving it, most of the customers noticed immediately the fragrance of lavender that is advertised and a very slight smell of new that was not long in leaving. Most of the reviews of this viscoelastic mattress match in good quality and would recommend it to future buyers.

2. ECO-DE Baicent Fleur de Lavande

We find again the favorite of our listings, ECO-DE Baicent Fleur de Lavande. Not only named as the best viscoelastic mattress on the market, but as the preferred among all classes and technologies of mattresses. As we have delved into its features, we will now take a look at what buyers have said about it on

On a scale of 1 to 5 the product has an average rating of 4.4. Customers who have recommended it to a hotel with 5 stars also have good value for money. In the words of one of his buyers, the mattress makes the sleeper rest and feel more energetic the next day, in his case, makes him move less during the night.

The mattress may have a strange smell during the first few days, which will gradually go away until the product reveals its lavender scent. According to this same customer, the mattress is not as soft as many other viscoelastic mattresses; it is firm and sturdy.

Another one of its consumers has detected that, after a month of use, the mattress yields slightly to the shape of the body, that is to say, the silhouette of the sleeper remains in the mattress as a small collapse. However, it also points out that the quality of the product is much higher than it would have expected for such a low price.

A more critical view of this viscoelastic mattress is that the product loses its firmness after several months of use. A problem that many other mattresses of foam probably share, especially if the weight and body mass of the sleeper are high.

3. Viscoelastic Mattress Weather

The view of this viscoelastic mattress is generally quite positive. With a valuation of 4.4 points, the viscoelastic Tempo is one of the mattresses best valued by consumers. The buyers were satisfied by the lightness of the mattress and its vacuum packing that makes it extremely easy to carry.

Customers also thought that the two sides of the mattress work perfectly, especially the winter, with which you will quickly get hot during the cold nights. The hardness of this mattress is intermediate, so many consumers who chose it for children 5 to 10 years found it too hard. In conclusion; Is a mattress for medium weights.

4. Viscoelastic viscoelastic double-sided mattress (summer and winter) Medical Confort

The opinion of the viscoelastic mattress Medical Confort places it with 4.2 stars out of 5. One of the buyers mentioned that she is very satisfied with the mattress, especially with the fact that its price is moderate and complies with the descriptions announced in its advertising. The same consumer thinks that the mattress is a bit thin, which is uncomfortable if you have a hard wooden base.

Something to keep in mind at the time of purchase. As a summary, the buyer recommends the mattress widely for people who want a product for occasional use or a mattress for a couple of years of good use. Another buyer mentions by way of objection that the fabric of the winter side is a little difficult to wash, so it is advisable to use a sheath. One last user also criticized that the winter side is very hard compared to its summer counterpart.

5. C olchón visco-elastic Ergo-therapy

This mattress has a rating of 4.1 points. Some of the opinions indicate that the Ergo-therapy is perfect for trundle beds, as it is not too high, in addition to having an intermediate firmness that is great for children and thin people.

The views of this viscoelastic mattress coincide in that it is a perfect mattress for a guest room or rental rooms, but they would not use it as a main mattress in the room. Most consumers were looking for a youth mattress or a cheap, good quality option.

Some of the consumers with more negative opinions were disappointed by the hardness of the mattress, because they were looking for a product of high firmness. In this case, it is better to opt for a mattress of bagged springs, or orthopedic.


In this article we present you the best views of viscoelastic mattresses listed above. So, now you know not only the advantages they offer but some of the most common complaints from your buyers. The viscoelastic mattresses were reviewed in a positive way regarding their price / quality ratio because it is a comfortable mattress and generally at an affordable price.

The absence of springs is one of the main attractions of viscoelastic mattresses. This characteristic makes them lightweight, transportable and silent, however, also implies a disadvantage: less resistance over the years. Therefore, it is no surprise that many opinions of mattresses have been negative by consumers.

A mattress of this type is intended for effective use for a couple of years, in the event that it is used daily with an adult weight. Due to this many customers have chosen this kind of product for children's beds, youth, or for guest beds.

If you are a lightweight adult, you will surely also feel satisfied with a viscoelastic mattress. Taking into account the above comments, you will surely have a broader perspective when choosing your ideal mattress.

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