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    Just 31 Vintage Animal Photos That Will Make Your Heart Sing

    Furry vibes only 2k19

    1. These well-groomed beauties:

    2. This kitten checking out some new-fangled audio equipment:

    3. This Good Boy saying Grace before a tea party:

    4. And then digging in:

    5. This 🚨🚨baby penguin🚨🚨:

    6. Also please check out these two geniuses at play:

    7. Or this free-flying pet:

    8. Have you ever held an ARMFUL of kittens?

    9. These astrocats-in-training:

    10. Pup Fieri:

    11. This fluff monster, who famously resided in a women's restroom:

    12. These very fashionable babies:

    13. Because as we all know, style is key:

    14. This tightrope-walking kitten eager to impress Brigitte Bardot:

    15. This celebrity cat, who looks like he'd rather be left alone:

    16. Imagine having these card-playing critters aboard:

    17. Or these two behind the wheel:

    18. A celebrity doggo answering her fanmail:

    19. She's on the go and she'll look good doing it:

    20. This no-nonsense monkey:

    21. Just a lion cub getting interviewed for the radio, nbd:

    22. Sharing is caring:

    23. I was today years old when I learned that lions love massages:

    24. Meet Hooch, the deep diving dog:

    25. Who also liked to jump out of airplanes:

    26. But some pups are content to flash their headshots:

    27. And some cats just want to gossip:

    28. Shout out to these prickly dudes:

    29. Look at this minefield of MILK BOTTLES:

    30. If you're feeling exhausted from all this cuteness, you're not alone:

    31. But always remember to show some love to the Good Boys and Girls around the world: