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23 Times "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency" Was Relatable AF

"Are you okay?" "Emotionally? Certainly not."

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1. When everyone ignores you in the group chat:

2. The only correct response to this question:

3. It's all about perspective:

4. Self-reflection:

5. 2018:

6. Also 2018:

7. We've all been here, kind of:

8. When you really love a meme:

9. When you hate the club:

10. Reading the news like:

11. When you do something right:

12. When your best friend knows you better than anyone:

13. When you can't even lie to yourself:

14. When your professor makes eye contact with you in class:

15. When you find a fellow Sad:

16. Starting a new job:

17. When the crippling self-doubt hits:

18. Looking at your bank statement:

19. But then the direct deposit hits:

20. Walking by cops like:

21. Explaining your job to family:

22. A handy metaphor for regret:

23. The only real affirmation:

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