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    17 Things You Didn't Know About Libraries, Told To You By Librarians

    We can do more than fix the printer!!

    1. Not all libraries are the same.

    2. Yes, kids still read!

    3. Some libraries even have fun activities like indoor climbing for kids.

    A climbing wall? At the library? YUP! ➡️

    "During one day in my library, children and teens learned basic sewing techniques, conquered fear on our 10’ by 10’ climbing wall, invented new games to play together, and took home about five pound bags of nutritious, easy to prepare food each.”

    —Kayla Hoskinson, Children's Librarian, Free Library of Philadelphia

    4. You don't even have to leave your bed to use the library.

    5. Most libraries are over the Dewey Decimal system, thanks!

    6. And librarians might not think your library jokes are that funny.

    7. You can experiment with 3D printers and maker kits at some libraries.

    8. Despite what you've heard, there's rarely any shushing at the library.

    9. Some libraries don't even care about fines.

    {\__/} ( • . •) wanna have these? / > 📚 {\__/} ( • . •) No problem! 📚 < \ 📚 we’re a library 📚📚 we don’t do fines 📚📚📚 fill your boots 📚📚📚📚with books!

    "A lot of libraries are doing away with rules like "no talking in the library" and there's been a movement against late fees. They often don't provide significant income for libraries and all they do is shame people who can't afford the fees into never returning. Personally, I'll never insist that someone pay a fine if I can help it."

    —Gina N., Public Librarian

    10. Librarians really want you to give YA a chance.

    11. If you think your librarian is flirting with you, you're probably wrong.

    12. Librarians have more expertise than you think.

    13. But we're not magic and we can't find books based on vague details.

    14. Libraries fit a lot into a day.

    15. You don't need white gloves to handle rare books. They can actually do more harm than good.

    16. Libraries are on the front lines when it comes to drug addiction.

    At New Haven Free Public Library, where city health dept. will dispense free Narcan kits #NHV #OverdoseAware2016

    "If you are considering becoming a librarian at a public branch, be prepared to serve on the front lines. You have to help people do a lot more than just find a book. Some of my friends at other branches took elective training on how to administer Narcan because of the drug problems in their branch communities.

    I know what crack smells like now because of this job."

    —Bianca H., Teen Librarian

    17. TLDR; Libraries can help you in so many different facets of life, from picking up a new skill to preparing for a job interview.