If You're Suffering From Writer's Block, Check Out These Drafts From Famous Authors

    When in doubt, scrapbook.

    1. Emily Dickinson wrote her poems on envelopes when she got tired of regular paper:

    2. Walt Whitman edited a printed copy of "O Captain! My Captain!" for rhythm:

    3. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's manuscript of "The Adventures of Devil's Foot":

    4. A chaotic page from Charles Dickens' notes for Curious Dance Round a Curious Tree:

    5. Lord Alfred Tennyson jotted down a verse from "Enoch Arden" on a piece of scrap paper:

    6. Charlotte Perks Gillman's edits of a typed poem, and an important note:

    7. Henry David Thoreau corrected drafts in pencil:

    8. Christina Georgina Rossetti crammed as many poems as she could onto one page:

    9. A proof of Henry James A Light Man:

    10. John Keats worked on a verse from "Isabella, or, The Pot of Basil" on this teeny tiny slip of paper — and he wasn't even done:

    11. Joseph Conrad's confused preface to Victory (Because you have to let the people know what you mean!):

    12. Oscar Wilde's attempts to parse his thoughts in his essay "The Soul of Man Under Socialism":

    13. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow scrapbooked the heck out of this manuscript: