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28 Worries That Women In Their Late Twenties Can Ditch Today

"Sometimes you're ahead. Sometimes you're behind. The race is long, and in the end, it's only with yourself." —Baz Luhrmann

1. You do not look as old as beauty commercials tell you.

Sunabesyou / Getty Images

Seriously, the number of people who can't tell the difference between a 24-year-old and 29-year-old based on appearance is a very large number. And furrowing your brow in worry is just going to make it worse.

2. Because you are, in fact, not old.

Lions Gate Entertainment

It is weird to think that kids born in the mid-1990s are in college now? Yes. But this does not make you an actual old person. The actual old people are just laughing at you when you say that.

3. It is OK to still have Ikea furniture and dishes that don't match.

Wine and ice cream out of my plastic kids IKEA dinnerware. Because I'm an adult, that's why

Lots of lists makes the rounds that say women should upgrade to fancier home stuff as we get older. Those lists are often just ways of shaming us for responsible spending when we don't have the income to buy nicer things to build our dream homes.

4. Older people who shame your spending and saving habits are out of touch and wrong.


Older people love to wag their fingers at us for not saving enough money, not buying enough houses and cars, and not investing in enough stocks. What they don't love to do is admit that they are the ones who steered the economy into the toilet, raised the cost of higher education, and refuse to retire from the high-paying jobs that allow people to save money. Save what you can, when you can.

5. Women who focused on parenting in their twenties and women who focused on their careers in their twenties both wonder if it was the right call.

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We all made choices that we are rarely 100% sure about. Don't think the grass is always greener on the other side.

6. You can wear all the novelty shirts you want.

1991 Inc / Via

It is 100% not your fault that this sweatshirt of a ninja cat holding a gun and riding a unicorn was not available in your teens and early twenties. It is your right to wear whatever fun and silly shirts that you want without being told you're too old for it.

7. If you haven't figured out makeup yet, you are not alone.

8. Your job sucks because of the economy, not because of your generation's attitude.

9. You aren't the only one who isn't sure that marriage might not be right for you.

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Marriage isn't for everyone and the expectation that it should be a life goal for all women isn't going away fast enough.

10. If you are married, it is OK to complain about your relationship to single friends.

My husband is snoring while I'm trying to read #wifeproblems #reading #ishouldbesleeping

Just because you found your special someone doesn't mean your life is perfect, and if single friends pull the "Whatever, at least you have a husband!" card, they aren't being kind or fair.

11. Being open about desires for a long-term relationship don't make you look desperate.

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Too many women are told that they appear to have no chill just because they want a long-term partner. It is 100% normal to want the security, love, and affirmation of a relationship — and there even health benefits. We shouldn't be made to feel like losers for expressing these desires.

12. You are allowed to get married even if you can't afford a big expensive wedding.

13. And it is OK if your wedding is not really the best day of your life.

Google / Via

You can't necessarily schedule the best day of your life, and those 26.5 million Google results that show some people actively hated their weddings prove you're not alone if your big bay is kind of a blah day.

14. You are not too old to dye your hair fun colors.

A man told me I'm too old for this hair. Fave if he is wrong and I should do it. Send a skull emoji if he's right.

Anyone who accuses you of trying to look younger by doing this is not following hair trends very closely. Total babes over 30, 40, and even 80 are doing this — and it looks great. Be warned that prospective employers might not be into it but otherwise, do what you want with your hair.

15. You are not stuck forever in the career you chose in your twenties.


It is OK to make career mistakes and to change your mind. Your skills are probably more transferrable than you realize, and the message that you should be grateful to have any job could be keeping you unhappy. Everyone is changing jobs — don't worry about it too much.

16. "30 Under 30" lists don't mean as much as you think they do.

Turning 30 is all fun and games until the “30 Under 30” list comes out and you realize you're no longer qualified

I know a lot of people who have popped up on these lists over the years and I have been very excited for them. But they are not superhuman. They fight with their partners, they can't afford to fix their cars, and they aren't sure they made the right career choices all the time. The achievement that got them there is impressive, but there is a reason there is no "30 Under 30 Who Have All Their Shit Together" list: because no one would be on it.

17. It is OK that you still live with roommates.

18. Turning 30 is not going to magically eliminate your insecurities.

19. Turning 30 is also not going to magically eliminate your sexual and romantic appeal.


Oh, right, the Great Man Drought. What a tragedy it was when the men all shriveled up and left our old asses to die with barren wombs. The truth is that there are a lot of people who avoid dating women over a certain age even if they are well above that age themselves. They are called "assholes." People who believe that women become haggard shrews at 28 are not the kind of people you want to date anyway.

20. Your career would not necessarily be better if you majored in something more "practical."


Everyone is always talking about how too few women study things like math and engineering, which is where the money is, apparently. But they don't always talk about the fact that these fields still suffer from huge problems with sexism.

21. You don't have to be certain if you want children or not.

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Yes, you do have to figure it out at some point. No, you don't have to know 100% right now.

22. You also don't have to feel like a traitor to feminism if you want children more than you want a career.

Team Love Records

Some people want kids more than they want other things. It's fine.

23. Single women don't actually have to think about just settling at this point.

Roc Nation

You're 29, not 92! And even if you are 92, you should still only be with someone you actually like and care about.

24. You aren't being paranoid if you're afraid that your age and marital status are affecting your employment prospects.


Even if you aren't planning to get pregnant, lots of potential employers are scared you might be. It is nearly impossible to prove, which makes us feel crazy — we shouldn't.

25. Male fertility declines with age too, even though the onus is put on women to keep track of it.


So you know, bring that up from time to time so that dudes in their fifties don't try to pressure you into marrying them when you don't want to.

26. You don't have to be certain what you would do with an unintended pregnancy.

Apatow Productions

Getting pregnant is a big fuckin' deal at any age so beating yourself up over it because of your age is just an added point of stress you don't need for making an informed decision that is right for you.

27. All the things you think you have to do before you turn 30 you can still do after you turn 30.


Olivia Pope is over 30 and she does WHAT SHE WANTS.

28. When you turn 30, you will be joining a fabulous cohort of total babes doing amazing things and giving no fucks.


See you ladies there!

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