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    Posted on Dec 24, 2014

    15 Women Who Embodied "Nightmare Dressed Like A Daydream" In 2014

    Taylor Swift gave us a new way to describe uncompromising women with impeccable taste. These are the year's best.

    2014 was a great year for badass women in fabulous clothes reclaiming the word "nightmare" as a badge of honor.

    Mariel Clayton / Via

    Here are the 15 women that perfectly embodied the "You do you (even if it makes people mad or uncomfortable)" motto this year.

    1. Nicki Minaj

    Kevork Djansezian / Reuters

    Why She's a Nightmare: She does whatever the fuck she wants.

    Whose Nightmare She Appears in: The Patriarchy, Drake, killjoys.

    Signature Daydream Look: Custom-made costumes of the stripper-meets-circus-performer variety, paired with an ass and mouth that won't quit.

    2. Pussy Riot

    Ryan Pierse / Getty Images

    Why They're a Nightmare: No one expected a group of young Russian women to be the force that would return punk rock to its radical political roots.

    Whose Nightmare They Appear in: Vladimir Putin, plutocrats.

    Signature Daydream Look: Cotton tees and balaclavas, worn in rage.

    3. Angelina Jolie in Maleficent

    Disney Enterprises, Inc. / MCT

    Why She's a Nightmare: Hell hath no fury like a pixie scorned.

    Whose Nightmare She Appears in: King Stefan, various trash boys.

    Signature Daydream Look: She's had two outfits for her entire life and both are absolute visions.

    4. Catherine Samba-Panza, president of Central African Republic

    Eduardo Munoz / Reuters

    Why She's a Nightmare: Being considered "incorruptible" in a country mired in conflict has those that would buy influence shaking in their boots.

    Whose Nightmare She Appears in: Violent militias, other enemies of peace.

    Signature Daydream Look: Floor-length suits and dresses in bold patterns.

    5. Taylor Swift

    Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

    Why She's a Nightmare: Because she said so in "Blank Space."

    Whose Nightmare She Appears in: All of her exes, but mostly John Mayer.

    Signature Daydream Look: That red lipstick classic thing that you like + tight mini-skirt.

    6. Dilma Roussef, first female president of Brazil

    Paulo Whitaker / Reuters

    Why She's a Nightmare: Her policies inspire as much controversy as they do inspiration and progress and she's unapologetically committed to her platform.

    Whose Nightmare She Appears in: Military dictatorships, political rivals.

    Signature Daydream Look: Brightly-colored suits and a contagious smile.

    7. The Female in Under the Skin

    The Associated Press

    Why She's a Nightmare: She puts the "fatal" in femme fatale.

    Whose Nightmare She Appears in: Men, men, more men.

    Signature Daydream Look: Fur jacket, rouge lip symbolic of blood thirst.

    8. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    Mike Theiler / Reuters

    Why She's a Nightmare: She is the ultimate master of throwing constitutional shade.

    Whose Nightmare She Appears in: Judge Scalia, Judge Alito, bloviating armchair constitutional scholars, Hobby Lobby.

    Signature Daydream Look: A decorative starched collar on her robe paired with side-eye.

    9. Fish Mooney on Gotham

    Michael Lavine/Fox

    Why She's A Nightmare: This entrepreneurial mob boss scares all the fuckboys in Gotham.

    Whose Nightmare She Appears in: Oswald Cobblepot, aforementioned fuckboys of Gotham.

    Signature Daydream Look: More snakeskin than a snake, ideally with a plunging neckline.

    10. Beyoncé

    Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

    Why She's a Nightmare: A giant "Feminist" sign was nothing short of radical courage for one of the most famous performers in the world to stand in front of knowing what a shitstorm it would set off.

    Whose Nightmare She Appears in: Destiny's other children, hand-wringing white feminists losing their grip on power, MRAs, surfboards.

    Signature Daydream Look: A toss-up between sparkling hot pants and sparkling leotards.

    11. Melisandre on Game of Thrones

    HBO / Via

    Why She's a Nightmare: Presiding over burnings like the Head Witch in Charge that she is, assorted sorcery.

    Whose Nightmare She Appears in: Wee Shireen Baratheon, various trash boys similar to Maleficent's foes, Davos, a bunch of kings.

    Signature Daydream Look: Crimson dress, icy stare.

    12. Anne Hidalgo, first female mayor of Paris

    Benoit Tessier / Reuters

    Why She's a Nightmare: Anyone who knows how seriously the French take their language knows it takes a no-nonsense woman to convince people to call her the grammatically incorrect "Madame La Maire."

    Whose Nightmare She Appears in: French grammar police, Marine Le Pen enthusiasts, and the mayor of London.

    Signature Daydream Look: Expertly tailored suit inspired by menswear and one of her many bright scarves.

    13. Morello on Orange Is the New Black

    Netflix / Via

    Why She's a Nightmare: She epitomizes the concept of "dangerously in love" while also being incredible likable.

    Whose Nightmare She Appears in: Christopher, Christopher's new piece, Christopher's neighbors, Christopher's family.

    Signature Daydream Look: So many to choose from but that skin-tight denim mini-dress really was perfect for an Atlantic City getaway.

    14. Amy in Gone Girl

    Merrick Morton/20th Century Fox

    Why She's A Nightmare: The genius machinations of her sociopathic mind.

    Whose Nightmare She Appears in: Her husband, gaslighter men who are afraid of being beaten at their own game.

    Signature Daydream Look: Smiling in stud earrings and perfect brows on her "Missing" poster.

    15. Kim Kardashian

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    Why She's A Nightmare: Turning her status as the primary target of pop culture sneering into an asset and into revenue enraged the joyless snobs that try to keep her down.

    Whose Nightmare She Appears in: Gossip columnists, haters, the internet she broke.

    Signature Daydream Look: Chic black evening gown, with or without a champagne flute balanced on her ass.

    Here's to you, ladies! Best wishes for a fun New Year and a nightmarishly good 2015!

    Mariel Clayton / Via

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