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What Is Your Most Irrational Fear?

"There is nothing to fear but just about everything."- Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Fear is one of the most viscerally experienced human emotions.

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Fear developed as a survival mechanism, so when you're afraid of something truly dangerous, that's your ancient ancestors being like, "I got you, bro."

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But some of our fears are much more irrational.

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And are mostly the result of vivid imaginations run wild.

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For example, you might be afraid that The Truman Show was based on your life. They actually made the movie to see how you'd react to that reality.

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Perhaps you have daily dread that the sensors in these monstrosities will fail and crush your lower body.

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Another example is the fear of being buried alive, despite the startling infrequency of the practice.

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So tell us your most bizarre or irrational fear in the comments. Don't be scared, we are in this together.

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