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This Artist Blends Celeb Culture And Street Photography For A Hilarious Instagram

My Day With Leo brings Leo (and many more) to the people.

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My Day With Leo is a photography project by Joel Strong featuring oversize celebrity head cutouts placed onto regular human bodies.

"My Day With Leo started as an inside joke--a way to bring 90s Leo to Instagram and onto modern social networks without reposting old pictures or using Photoshop," Strong told BuzzFeed. The project started in 2014 and has since evolved to include dozens of celebrities featured in both photos and videos and 140K Instagram followers.

Strong describes the project as "Flat Stanley meets BOP Magazine."

The project places larger-than-life personalities into ordinary scenes in New York City.

"I'm not the best illustrator and I'm not too handy with computers, so I developed this technique as a way to make funny images that could also convey deeper messages," Strong told BuzzFeed. Strong is aware of the existing ways that other artists are blending mediums and isn't looking to replicate them or make grand claims about the project, just to entertain.

Though Leo is in high demand by fans, Kanye West is also a favorite.

"Kanye definitely gets a strong reaction, and I have a lot of fun playing with him in different settings since he's such a unique person who seems both out of place and bizarrely at home in just about any situation, " Strong told BuzzFeed. The account features several Kanye shots in both photo and video formats. "People have very strong feelings about him so the reactions he gets are pretty different. "

Internet meme favorites like Nicolas Cage also make appearances on My Day With Leo.

"I tried to develop a bit of a street photography style to place celebrity heads on unsuspecting ordinary folks speed walking down New York sidewalks," Strong told BuzzFeed.

Strong is adamant about not using Photoshop, even to create more complex images.

"When there's more than one lil cutout in the frame, I've attached the heads using tape, cardboard, science, or a speech bubble. The double (and sometimes triple!!) heads are difficult to align, and I have to make adjustments on the fly," he told BuzzFeed. "But when I get a picture of two heads on randos--like Richard Pryor telling Jay-Z a joke at a construction site--it feels pretty damn good."

Friends and fans of the account appear in the project in more staged scenes.

"Several friends have participated but more and more I've responded to emails from followers asking me to be in videos and I also use Tinder as a way to recruit new people," Strong told BuzzFeed. "People are on there to meet up and have a laugh and it's been such a great resource for me to find people who wanted to meet up and take some funny pictures for an hour."

Some of the featured celebrities have taken notice of the project, including the stars of Broad City.

"Funny people are my favorite people and to know that I made those funny, brilliant women laugh, even for a second, made my fucking year, " Strong told BuzzFeed.

Though pop culture figures are featured often, Strong prefers to feature only his favorites.

"Spending time cutting out someone's head with an x-Acto knife takes some care, so I treat it like a sign of respect. And I'm generally happier the more full my notebook is of cutouts of amazing people," Strong told BuzzFeed.

The result is a mix of nostalgic celebrity images and sometimes absurd combinations of the familiar with the famous throughout New York.

Ariana Grande cowers in fear of a slice.

Karl Lagerfeld gets a little carried away at the market.

And of course Grumpy Cat runs the bodega.

While Beyoncé rides around town looking like a badass.

More than anything, Strong wants the project to be entertaining.

"Ultimately My Day With Leo is about entertaining folks on a daily basis by placing celebrities in ordinary situations on ordinary bodies wearing ordinary clothes and capturing it all with my ordinary camera phone."

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