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    15 Things That Diet Coke Addicts Don't Want To Hear About Anymore

    You monsters can pry my aspartame-filled life elixir from my cold, dead, and brittle-boned hands.

    1. "Drinking Diet Coke is basically like ingesting poison."

    2. "All the caffeine in Diet Coke dehydrates you."

    3. "Diet Coke depletes your calcium, you know."

    4. "Babe, I feel like too much of our budget goes to Diet Coke."

    5. "Diet Coke has been linked to cancer in rats, you know."

    6. "Everyone's going to think you're neurotic since you're always drinking Diet Coke."

    7. "Diet Coke can actually make you gain weight in the long run."

    8. "Using Diet Coke as a cocktail mixer gets you drunker faster so your hangover will be worse."

    9. "Diet Coke is very acidic and can rot your teeth!"

    10. "Diet Coke can also stain your teeth pretty badly."

    11. "Some studies link excessive Diet Coke drinking with kidney decline."

    12. "You know, red wine really goes better with this steak than Diet Coke."

    13. "Maybe you can replace one or two cans of Diet Coke a day with some seltzer water."

    14. "Have you thought about switching to a nice herbal tea?"

    15. "Oh, we don't have Diet Coke. Is Diet Pepsi OK?"