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These 29 Asshole Cats Are Sitting On Top Of The Goddamn Fridge

And they are not getting down.

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1. Hey, what are you doing up there?

3. Don't strike a defiant pose with me, buddy.

4. Seriously, you're not even gonna look at me when I'm speaking to you?

5. Well, you look mighty pleased with yourself up there on that fridge.

7. You're gonna regret this in a minute, for real bro.

8. Dude, I can still see you behind the bread.

9. Stop pouting, no one else is allowed on the fridge either.

10. You are not going to make a smoothie and we both know it.

11. Pretending you can't hear me when I'm a foot away is rude.

12. Don't play innocent with me.

13. Don't make that face at me, you're the weirdo on the fridge.

14. Dude, you're just playing with fire on that edge.

16. I can see that this is some kind of big joke for you.

17. Look, it'll be easier to reach your stuff if you're off the fridge.

19. Are you just scared to jump off?

21. Get out of my FACE and get OFF the FRIDGE.

22. I can still see you in the dark, ya goofus.

24. Oh, so that's how it's gonna be.

25. You think that pitying look makes me feel bad but it doesn't.

26. Get down, you sneaky devil!

27. Oh SHIT, not the demon eyes!

28. You're right, you do look really cool up there.

29. Fine, stay up there. Reign over the fridge like some tyrannical cat king.

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