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The Emotional Stages Of Accepting That Your Home Is Haunted

Submit to your fate, mortal.

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For the most part, you are not a superstitious person.

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But your pet has started to act more skittish than usual.

And you get the feeling that you're being watched.

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While a number of unexplained occurrences are making you consider ghostly possibilities.


Slowly, your reading habits begin to change.

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And you slyly try to get rid of the objects that might be contributing to the problem.

Your apartment that looks like this:

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Starts to look like this in your mind.


You return home to your building with a greater sense of dread every day.

Because shadows start to look like a Victorian child who died of the consumption.

The same child that has obviously taken over your once-beloved childhood toys.

You run through every possible entryway that could give the ghost access to your bed/soul.


But that ghost has too much spooky power to be stopped by walls.

You've tried to let the ghost know who's boss to no avail.

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And you slowly accept what's to become of you.

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Soon, holy water just becomes part of your beauty routine.

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You accept that you'll have to lie in bed alert with the lights on forever.

And eventually arrive at a point where you barely notice your interesting houseguests anymore.

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Because really, you know that you're not so different from them anyway.