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19 Struggles Of Living Your Life With Resting Side-Eye

What look?

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1. You actually aren't any more or less judgmental than others.

2. But for some reason, you cannot hide your displeasure or suspicion about anything.

Fox / Via

3. You are just constitutionally incapable of disguising any inkling of disapproval.

Everett Collection / Via

4. Since it was genetically inherited, you often gave your parents tandem resting side-eye with your sibling without even realizing.

Mark Wilson / Getty Images / Via

5. "Attitude adjustment needed" was on all of your report cards, despite your best efforts to gesture approval with your face.

6. Sometimes people think it is just a slight visual impairment.

Imgur / Via

7. But your subtle disapproval has made new hires cry at your job more than once when they introduced themselves.

Columbia Pictures / Via

8. Even though you were only a little bit dubious about how authentically excited they were to be reentering corporate life.

9. It's never quite clear to romantic prospects if you're flirting with them or mocking them.

10. And it is quite possible that you're doing both.

Touchstone Pictures / Via

11. Because the truth is, you are kind of judgmental.

NBC / Via

12. So even your most benign suggestions seem really aggressive when you add that resting side-eye.

Groundswell Productions / Via

13. When your bitchy affliction emerges around the slightly insecure, everyone is on the defense.

Nike / Via

14. You've developed a reputation for being a harsh critic, despite saying very few words.

Bazmark Films / Via

15. You live in fear of ruining holidays when your side-eye ravages gift choices, recipes, and fashion statements.

16. And your significant other's mom already thinks you're a snob after the faces you made when she showed you her Etsy store.

17. So, maybe you are sort of an actual judgmental person.

Oxygen / Via

18. You just choose not to conform to straight-ahead-looking standards.

Helmut Newton/Yves Saint Laurent / Via

19. And honestly, some decisions just look better in your shade.

The Walt Disney Company / Via

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