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14 Facts About Satan That Are 100% True According To Yahoo Answers

The greatest trick the Devil ever played was randomly switching your browser to Yahoo.

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1. Grandma Lara is sick of your shit, frankly.

2. Listen to Cora, my friends.

3. Slave2Christ knows how to judge not lest he be judged, maybe you should too.

4. Well if she did a study on it...


5. And now you know.

6. 100% biblically accurate.

7. Sometimes love just ain't enough, ya know?

8. We've all been wondering.


9. Sarah McLaughlin's at the computer again, I see.

10. Legal technicalities should never stand in the way of love.

11. Love those winter babies!

12. Following your heart is always the answer.

13. There was always something off about equestrians.

14. A quitter's response, tbh.