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    Jan 9, 2015

    26 Russian People Doing Winter Way Better Than Our Weak Asses

    Arctic hellscapes are no excuse for not living your best life.

    1. While Americans were moaning about the chilly temperatures, Russia was like, "Oh, are you guys cold?"

    2. Because they are absolutely owning the Russian winter with fur, photoshoots, and a lack of complaints.

    3. Russian cosplayer too busy bewitching majestic white wolf to get cold.

    4. Russian signage reminds you not to walk in the snow, but to strut confidently through it.

    5. Little girl in traditional Russian gear is like, "My focus is on this necklace of mini-bagels, not on the brutal freeze."

    6. This snuggly little Russian baby don't give a fuck.

    7. These Russian ducks are like, "Those aren't ice blocks, they're arctic lily pads."

    8. Russian squirrel that just got a blowout isn't letting some dumpy winter hat slow his roll.

    9. Russian man made of sex is like, "Oh, my icy baby blues that see the real you for the first time are covered in ice, NBD."

    10. The frozen karst caves in Russia are like, "I <3 you," instead of like, "Fuck, it's cold."

    11. This regal Russian cat gets up to go to work, just like every day.

    12. Ice is not an obstacle in Russia, it is an opportunity.

    13. This fabulous Russian Pomeranian cares about matching her winter whites, not about wind chill.

    14. While THIS fabulous Russian Pomeranian is like, "LOL, I'm a lion in winter."

    15. Russian doll comes to life, smirks at idea of wearing the coat rather than tastefully draping it around her.

    16. Showing off your hot Russian bikini bod is paramount to preventing frostbite, da?

    17. Red Square is like, "I am real-life Candyland, made of wonder and lights, not complaints."

    18. Imperial Russian time traveler just keeps traveling through time.

    19. These Russians living their best lives have snow, a log cabin, and a traditional onion dome on their property.

    20. This snow woman in Russia wants you to notice her stunning waist-to-hip ratio, not that your fingers are about to fall off.

    21. Russian Santa goes full saint-wizard with a scepter instead of that upscale red trash bag America Santa carries around.

    22. And his reindeer and their trusty riders stay chill about the winter too.

    23. This left-handed Russian conducted a tree orchestra with a giant icicle, because why not?

    24. This Russian bride is all, "I don't have to choose between going strapless and having my wedding in my favorite frost cave. K, bye."

    25. Russians get home, look at themselves in impeccable furs and say, "You did it. You made it, you elegant badass."

    26. And when the day of fabulously handling the winter is over, Russians jam on their harmonicas by the fire. Because they're fucking chill.

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