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    These 19 Drunk Texts Will Restore Your Faith In Love

    Would a heart-eyes emoji by any other name smell as sweet?

    1. There are few simple pleasures that compare to the drunken love text.

    2. They're so often full of flattery.

    3. And grand romantic gestures.

    4. A drunk text from a lover guarantees you'll be called your favorite pet name.

    5. Like "female"!

    6. Indeed, a true gentlemen is at his most affectionate and articulate when inebriated.

    7. Because drunk people are reflective about love.

    8. And daring in their cavalier misspellings.

    9. A drunken lover will share a dark secret with you without hesitation.

    10. Because drunk-texting is a way for lovers to exchange their most tender feelings.

    11. They will enthusiastically declare their love in ways a sober person would not.

    12. And even get into some saucy talk.

    13. But don't worry, that saucy talk is often a cover for a sincere desire to commit.

    14. And rest assured, the saucy talk will continue to flow as long as the sauce does.

    15. As with all romantic cavorting, make sure you know the health status of your drunken text partner.

    16. Then you can get right back to the saucy talk.

    17. But be warned: If only you are drunk, there is potential heartbreak ahead.

    18. And sometimes more rejection than you bargained for.

    19. So be cautious with your gentle hearts and livers, you dear sweet things.

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