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    Posted on Nov 20, 2014

    21 Hardships Only Adult One Direction Fans Understand

    Youth is wasted on the young.

    1. You clear your adult social calendar for a week to emotionally prepare for video premieres.

    2. Everyone asks who you're chaperoning when you go to their concerts.

    Columbia Records / Via

    My heart. I'm chaperoning my heart.

    3. You've Googled the age of consent in your home state and the UK.

    Les Films Du Carrosse / Via

    Just because it's legal don't make it right.

    4. You want to tell Harry cautionary tales every time he gets a new tattoo.

    Columbia Records / Via

    I know, Harry. It's just so permanent.

    5. No one would go with you to see This Is Us in theaters.

    ABC / Via

    At least you didn't have to share the popcorn you seasoned with tears with anyone.

    6. Your friends are more excited about engagement rings than your beaded icon bracelet with their faces.

    Claire's / Via

    Claire's > Tiffany's.

    7. All of the smutty fan fiction is anatomically incorrect.

    Virgins are not to be trusted with erotica.

    8. Your mailman keeps asking about the niece you invented to explain your Bop and Tiger Beat subscription.

    Fox / Via

    She's a handful, that one. An invisible, boy-crazy handful. Just set those down.

    9. None of them are old enough to drive the rental car in your romantic fantasy road trip to a cabin in the Catskills.

    Columbia / Via

    Which is probably for the best, considering Harry's scandalous history with snowmobiles.

    10. You got upset when "Where Do Broken Hearts Go?" was not a cover of the Whitney Houston masterpiece.

    ABC / Via

    And then again when you realized they weren't alive when it came out.

    11. All of your favorite Tumblr accounts are run by actual children.

    Bravo / Via

    But they're just so committed.

    12. You had to abandon half of your social circle when they didn't laugh at the "Best Song Ever" opening skit.

    Columbia Records / Via

    There was always something off about Angela and Margot anyway.

    13. Your significant other won't agree to have "One Thing" as your song.

    AMC / Via

    FINE, we'll pick something by the Magnetic Fields and submit to our grim adult fates with dignity or whatever.

    14. You were mortified by that whole death-threats-sent-to-GQ by teen fans debacle.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    Ladies, "uncouth" doesn't even begin to describe this behavior.

    15. This is what Liam Payne looked like when Jurassic Park came out.

    Isabelle Limbach / Via ThinkStock

    Resisting the obvious dinosaur joke about your haggard old ass.

    16. Your last hook-up refused to sleep on your One Direction face pillowcases.

    Cinemarque Entertainment / Via

    Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out!

    17. Your boss wouldn't let your title be "Zayniac" on your business card.

    CBS / Via!gallery-216519-216532-1

    Loving him is a full-time job.

    18. You've looked up bars that don't ask for ID just in case Harry stops by in your town.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    Our drinking laws are archaic anyway.

    19. It would be unbecoming to be jealous of their girlfriends, since they are adorable teenage girls.

    E! / Via

    And that Kendall Jenner does seem charming as hell.

    20. The best 1D pajamas don't come in your size.

    True Home Comfort / Via

    And this is the only logistically probable way to bed them all at once.

    21. You know that May/December romances are fraught but...

    ABC / Via

    it doesn't make the pain any less real.

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