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    24 Hard Truths About Girls With Terrible Ex Boyfriends

    All of the nightmares are dressed like daydreams.

    1. Despite being otherwise successful, you choose to date terrible men time and again.

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    2. You've been warned by more than one guy's ex that he is bad news.

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    But you never listened.

    3. You have seen different kinds of terrible that you didn't even know existed.

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    4. You actually envy friends who have specific types like "douchey banker."

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    Because at least their disappointment is consistent.

    5. You've admittedly looked for love in the wrong places from time to time.

    6. But some of it is definitely about the pickings in general.

    7. You know that "commitmentphobia" is not a real word.

    8. But that philophobia, the fear of love, definitely is.

    9. But you've also encountered the other side of the commitment spectrum with sensitive artist types.

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    Uh, let's sleep on it...separately.

    10. You can now easily differentiate between true sociopaths and regular narcissists.

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    Sociopaths are rare, but you've had at least one.

    11. The break-up texts with them are always interesting.

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    "Interesting" in this case meaning "TERRIFYING."

    12. You've been cheated on with the cream of the crop.

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    But it's not those ladies' faults that you're always picking guys that can't stay faithful.

    13. Or you've been accused of cheating by paranoid, jealous types.

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    Male friends, female friends, pets, and siblings have all drawn jealous ire at some point.

    14. Sometimes, it seems like things are just too good to be true.

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    15. ...and then he starts talking about his world views.

    16. Or you pick men with ultra-serious careers that can't make time for you.

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    Leaving room for the Holy Spirit and whatnot.

    17. And you've had your run-ins with obsessive, mysterious bad boys.

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    18. And have had a terrible mama's boy or two in your day.

    19. Sometimes, you blame your strict father for your attractions.

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    20. Other times, you blame his leniency.

    21. But deep down, you know this is occasionally on you.

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    22. Because you don't always have the most mature priorities.

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    We all been there.

    23. But it is okay to hold onto those little glimmers of hope.

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    24. Because you can always come back to this deep, deep well when it all goes wrong again.

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