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18 GIFs To Restore Your Will To Live During Your New Year's Hangover

If these guys can get through it, so can you.

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1. So, you had some New Year's fun last night.

Universal Studios / Via

2. But there's no need to be morose about it.

Film4 Productions / Via

3. Take a cue from Harry Styles, who is totally non-plussed about who he brought home last night.

4. E.T. had some trouble after his binge, but at least he got out of bed.

Universal Studios / Via

5. The Snooki way is to just apologize and get over it.

MTV / Via

6. Or just try to get your mind off it with willful ignorance à la Hunter S. Thompson in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Summit Entertainment / Via

7. The girls in Bachelorette nearly ruined their best friend's wedding, but you don't see them dwelling on it.

BCDF Pictures / Via

8. Holly GoLightly pulls it together enough for faux shopping trips after nights out in Breakfast at Tiffany's, and so can you!

Paramount Pictures / Via

9. Degenerate high schooler Julian just nonchalantly crawls out of the bushes like it was no thing in Less Than Zero.

20th Century Fox / Via

10. Is The Dude letting a little thing like vomiting profusely give him an identity crisis? No.

Polygram Filmed Entertainment / Via

11. If Mia Wallace can crack a joke after her ordeal in Pulp Fiction, so can you.


12. Don Draper's permanent liquor haze cannot prevent him from expressing his joie de vivre.

13. Haymitch spends the entire Hunger Games series drunk or hungover, but his pep talks are still always on point.

Lionsgate / Via

14. The Wrestler's Randy "The Ram" Robinson may have rammed cocaine and booze into his face a bunch, but he's committed to his craft. Go get 'em!

15. So make your promiscuous gallivanting a point of pride, like Nina in Black Swan.

Dune Entertainment / Via

16. Look, it can be hard not to wallow.

The Geffen Film Company / Via

17. But it is so much cooler to pull yourself together and let everyone know you're not ashamed of your debauchery.

18. Now, doesn't that feel better?

Seven Arts Productions / Via

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