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22 Things That Strippers Don't Want To Hear Anymore

For the last time, Cinnamon is my real name.

1. "So do you think you'll ever get a real job?"

2. "You really don't seem like a stripper!"

3. "A girl like you probably has no problem finding a boyfriend."

4. "I'm not like the other guys who come to places like this."

5. "I get why you do it, its hard to turn down easy money."

I slept for three hours before work yesterday and I got off at 7 am I still haven't slept. #stripperproblems

Working overnight in 5-inch heels and pretending to like everyone I meet is a lot of things. "Easy" isn't one of them.

6. "I'm just here for a drink."

7. "If you don't like it, why not just get another job?"

8. "So, is there a password for you know, more?"

9. "I don't want you to have to dance, I just want to get to know you better."

10. "Yeah, but what else happens in the VIP room?" *wink* *wink*

Guys who think spending $500 means they're gonna get more than dancing and conversation. #stripperproblems

Um, you can get slightly more handsy if I allow it and security watches us from the feed coming from that camera in the corner. Did you mean something else?

11. " Give my buddy here a dance, it's his bachelor party!"

12. "I can really see myself settling down with a girl like you."

13. "Seriously, I’m not married!"

14. "So how much money do you make here on a typical night?"

15. "I would totally be a stripper if there was an equivalent for guys!"

16. "I just want to take you away from all this."

Shout out to all my stripper sisters who will be visited by "save a stripper" orgs bearing cookies and Bible verses today #stripperproblems

What is "all this"? The shorter working hours? The above average wages? The opportunity for a flexible schedule and minimal supervision? Ohhhhh, you mean this sordid business that a lost little girl like me who just need a nice big savior shouldn't be in? "All this" is just fine by me, thanks.

17. "You actually remind me a lot of my daughter."

18. "Well, if you're not allowed to give me your number in here, I can just wait outside when you get off of work!"

NOT why I go to work: To get your phone number. To give you my phone number. To go home with you. To look for a date. #StripperProblems

AHHHH!!!!! Telling a woman that you'll wait for her on the deserted streets between 2am and 4am doesn't sound like a romantic rendez-vous, it sounds like a threat. Also, do they not have the concept of "polite excuses to get out giving a guy your number" where you come from?

19. "You're much prettier than all of these other girls."

20. "Hey baby, what would you say to dancing with me privately when you get done here?"

21. "I just came to have some interesting conversations."

22. "So, what's your real name?"