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    Jan 13, 2015

    14 Snakes Wearing The Hottest Looks Of The Year

    Pair these styles with your best "Come slither" stare.

    1. A floral flourish with Southwestern inspiration is so key.

    2. Sparkling headwear in aqua works best with canary overtones.

    3. The dandy look: get it.

    4. A more rugged chapeau also makes a big splash if matched carefully to your skin tone.

    5. And this new collection of deep jewel tones is going to be turning heads.

    6. This bright wool sweater brightens a drab day with a flash of magenta.

    7. Giving new meaning to "pretty in pink" is this precious gal in a full body suit (pee before you put it on, ladies!)

    8. A little black dress with a feminine flourish never goes out of style.

    9. It's never too early to start preparing for next Christmas with a sexy Santa suit.

    10. And holiday season never has to end with red and white patterned pullovers.

    11. A pastel quilted cover-up will makes waves this Easter but choose your tones wisely.

    12. This statement piece from Witches N Stitches can be worn all year long...with the right attitude.

    13. A funky patterned skirt in a conservative cut and length shows both style and class.

    14. And for a nighttime look, switch to deep and rich shades.

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