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18 Super-Evil Screen Couples Who Prove That Love Is For Everyone

Even brutal sociopaths want somebody to hold.

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1. Narcissa & Lucius Malfoy, Harry Potter

HeyDay Films / Via

Despite her wealthy upbringing and snobbery, Narcissa proved herself a serious ride-or-die chick when Lucius was serving a sentence at Azkaban. Even in middle age, these two keep things spicy by going platinum together and always having their roots touched up when they're going hard for that noseless bastard that burned that wizard baby's forehead a while back.

2. Bonnie & Clyde, Bonnie & Clyde

Warner Bros. / Via

Let's be real, Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty wouldn't really need guns because they could kill people with their cheekbones and jawlines. These two perfectly embodied the casual brutality of the murderous duo and no one has ever been able to look at blonds in berets the same again.

3. Boris & Natasha, The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show

ABC / Via

These communist rapscallions from the fictitious nation of Pottsylvania may have never met a bomb plot they couldn't botch but what they lacked in criminal mastery they made up for with radical love. Though they fought often, their enormous height differential demonstrated the depth of their commitment as they defied both social conventions and international law.

4. Louis and Lestat, Interview With a Vampire

The Geffen Film Company / Via

No couple proved that "blonds have more fun" better than the flamboyant hedonist Lestat and his reluctant partner in bloodlust and fancy collars, Louis. Though they antagonize each other constantly, the love is as clear as their nearly translucent vampire flesh. Fans that have always known that these two handsome devils shared more than a mailing address were relieved when their creator Anne Rice confirmed in 2012 that they were a couple.


5. Mickey & Mallory Knox, Natural Born Killers

Regency Enterprises / Via

The controversy surrounding this ultra-violent Oliver Stone film was not big enough to drown out the sound of hearts going pitter-patter with lovesickness over these violent redneck ghouls. These lovebirds make it through killing sprees, imprisonment, and most important, a series of highly questionable hairstyle decisions.

6. Spike & Drusilla, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The WB / Via

The best thing about being a vampire couple is that you have all of eternity to take fabulous vacations together, which is just what Dru and Spike did. London! Brazil! Sunnydale! The Hellmouth! Though their love affair was short in vampire terms at around 97 years, they made it count with lots of public displays of affection and exquisite complementary outfits.

7. Frank & Claire Underwood, House of Cards

Netflix / Via

Ruthless political climbing never looked so outwardly progressive! These beasts of the Beltway indulge their savage impulses in tasteful evening wear and with an impeccably decorated townhouse, so it is tough to stay mad at them when you just want them to tell you about their boating trip over good wine.

8. Clarence & Alabama, True Romance

Morgan Creek Productions / Via

The adeptness of these two at mixing bold prints combined with the sincerity of their puppy love can distract a viewer from the fact that these two are vicious psychopaths in lovestruck youths' clothing. They steal! They fight!They kill! They ride around in a convertible without their seat belts on! There is no crime these remarkably attractive degenerates won't commit in the name of love, which is why everyone kind of wants at least one relationship like theirs.


9. Honey Bunny & Pumpkin, Pulp Fiction

Miramax / Via

Though some rudeness toward the waitstaff turns us off to this slightly gruesome twosome, their clearly defined division of labor during the bank robbery (she does crowd control, he handles employees) is a sign of the egalitarian nature of their partnership. Plus everyone secretly loves a yucky pet name.

10. Top Dollar & Myca, The Crow

Dimension Films / Via

As the hit song goes, "Ain't no party like a Top Dollar and Myca party cause Top Dollar and Myca SHARE A PARENT." You know in your heart that this incestuous mob goth couple is responsible for nothing but chaos and torment and you should be rooting for Eric to avenge Shelley but then these two come in with their outfits and makeouts and it is impossible not to feel like theirs is the real love story in The Crow.

11. Pauline & Juliet, Heavenly Creatures

WingNut Films / Via

Before Peter Jackson was directing Gollum, Orcs, and other grisly creatures with The Lord of the Rings trilogy, he brought to life a more terrifying evil in this true story about murderous teen best friends and lovers. The fantasy life of these two would put even the most devoted teen fan fiction writers to shame with their commitment to living in their own world, no matter who gets hurt.

12. Veronica & J.D., Heathers

Cinemarque Entertainment / Via

There are two kinds of people in this world: people who admit to fantasizing about a brooding hottie convincing them to murder their best friends and LIARS. The chemistry between Christian Slater and Winona Ryder is palpable in this grim teen classic and it makes us want to find someone to buy us a Slushee and some magic bullets that don't kill people.


13. The Joker & Harley Quinn, Batman: The Animated Series

Fox / Via

Harleen Frances Quinzell, M.D. falling madly in love with The Joker during their psychiatric analysis sessions proves that a little thing like the Hippocratic Oath cannot stop true love. Also, sex in clown make-up seems more fun than most people will admit.

14. Helena & David Ayala, Traffic

Focus Features / Via

Helena Ayala is this list's second Ride-Or-Die (Socialite Category) and is arguably more legit than Narcissa. She has a coolly sociopathic plot to take down key witnesses and law enforcement that threaten that chill-as-hell San Diego life she and David had going for them and he was upper management of an elaborate drug cartel before getting busted. These two do not play around when it comes to each other's happiness.

15. Margaret & Nucky, Boardwalk Empire

HBO / Via

When your name is "Nucky," you have moral and ethical obligations to develop elaborate get-rich-quick schemes with a lovely dame on your arm. These original gangsters of insider trading are made decisions during tough situations the best way possible: without a moral compass.

16. Alexandra, Jane, Sukie, & SATAN HIMSELF, The Witches of Eastwick

Warner Bros. Entertainment / Via

This classic tale of devoted best friends forming a coven by accident then being seduced by Satan-in-a-Tycoon's-Clothing is one to which most of us can relate. The real love story here is between the female trio who demonstrate the true power of the line, "witches over money."

17. Blair & Chuck, Gossip Girl

The CW / Via

There is nothing more heartening to see on screen than youths with ambition and these two delivered it by the yacht-load. Once you erase that terrible day at the helipad from their history, these two deliver nothing but slightly self-interested love. Nicknamed "Chair" by internet monsters, these scheming rich kids were nightmares dressed like on-point daydreams at all times.

18. Tony & Elvira, Scarface

Universal Studios / Via

Tony did most of the heavy lifting in terms of earning money through grisly trades and killing people, but Elvie held her own by being a stone-cold bitch in the best way possible. These two never found a topic that they wouldn't get into a coke-fueled screaming match over but his fiery temper and her icy demeanor just made you want those crazy kids to find happiness.