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23 Cats React To The Biggest Shocks In Cinema History

Big movies. Small creatures. Huge surprises. Spoilers ahead.

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1. Yuri's strange connection to Gollum causes a reflexive attempt to save him from the flames in Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.

"He was no one's 'precious.' Everyone oughtta be someone's," Yuri weeps. It is a mourning service of only one, but sometimes one will do.

2. Rinaldo is horrified to learn WHAT'S IN THE BAHHHHHX in crime thriller Se7en.

Mylo the Cat / Via

"Wrath," he thinks. "I, too, know its destructive power." He looks in on his pretty sleeping wife, swearing a protection he knows is in many ways beyond his control.

3. Bombay is transfixed when Mark Wahlberg whips it out and delivers a killer closing monologue in Boogie Nights.

He gazes upon the monstrous thing, an instrument of so much pleasure yet so much pain. "Heavy is the head that wears the crown, indeed," he declares quietly, though he watches alone.

4. Stanley looks around to see if anyone else thinks that "Rosebud" being a sled in Citizen Kane is a bit anticlimactic. / Via

He searches not only for another who shares his views of the classic film, but in search of his once-tender soul that might have been touched by the melancholy revelation.

5. Even the cynical Kedi was heartened to discover that Forrest Gump was the biological father of little Forrest in Forrest Gump.

He suspends his disbelief about the likelihood that Jenny was ovulating during her one night of passion with Forrest years before and feels warmth all over at the words, "I named him after his daddy."

6. Reginald can't make heads or tails of the mind-boggling last scene of American Psycho. / Via

"Did he just dream it? Was it all a fantasy? Did anyone die? If not, does that make it better...or worse?" he races through possibilities and thoughts. "Bret Easton Ellis needs to be stopped," he concludes and retires to his chambers, leaving the lights on.

7. Edward Norton sends a cold chill down Roberto's spine when his multiple personality disorder turns out to be a hoax in Primal Fear.

"There was...never any Aaron?" Roberto asks in a baffled whisper, half afraid and half defeated. He turns off the television and pauses a moment to find solace in the darkness.

8. Margot's terror at learning that strong-willed Kat Stratford had a dalliance with that cad, Joey Donner, in 10 Things I Hate About You is painfully familiar.


" I had such a lover once. His name was Ichabod, which means 'the glory has departed,'" she tells her companion. And there is nothing that could be more true.

9. Roxy always thought Keanu was devilishly handsome, but discovering he is the actual son of Lucifer in The Devil's Advocate delivers a tremendous shock.

"Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven, you fool," she mutters, recalling Milton's Paradise Lost but wondering if she still believes that to be true.

10. Pudding rewinds Fight Club multiple times to catch the revealing moments about the real Tyler Durden.

Pudding Parfait / Via

"I should have caught it. I should have caught it. I should have caught it," he berates himself. He burns his novel manuscript for the second time, feeling inadequate for the task of modern fiction.

11. Miriam spent most of her youth on psychedelics, so seeing the Statue of Liberty in Planet of the Apes gives her authentic unease.

She considers a recent trip to the San Diego Zoo, the morose look in the apes' eyes. "It is sooner than we'd like to think," she writes in her film journal.

12. Mochi's outrage at the end of Memento is palpable, her hero a killer all along.

The incensed words of Tyra Banks' come to her worried mind as she stops the DVD, "We were rooting for you...We were all rooting for you."

13. A renewed fear of camp and moms overtakes Elizabeth as Jason's mother is revealed as the murdered in Friday the 13th. / Via

Her shock at the brutality silences her for a moment. She musters the strength only to declare, "That bitch."

14. Melissa knew the Titanic would sink, but she never guessed that the orchestra would keep playing as the vessel descended to the deep.

"That's the real love story in this flick," she tells a small stuffed lobster as they consider the quiet dignity of so brave an act.

15. After intense interrogation scenes, Bruce has the shock of his life when Kevin Spacey's character is revealed as enigmatic criminal kingpin Keyser Soze in The Usual Suspects.


A sweet and subtle grin comes across the face of Bruce's wife. She has always loved his childlike wonder at the magic of film.

16. Christos never saw it coming that the bigoted neighbor would turn out to actually be suppressing his truest self in American Beauty.

"It all makes sense now," he tells his wife, whose silent, gentle tears he doesn't mention. They cuddle closer and consider the fate of their nation.

17. Winona's feelings are a mix of shock and joy when it is revealed that Helen survived the crash in Forever Young.

"No such loves really endure," she says, licking at a wound that none can see...because it is in her heart.

18. When the skeleton of Mrs. Bates is revealed in Psycho, Greg feels the shock deep in his bones. / Via

"You brilliant, brutal son-of-a-bitch, you," Greg cries into the night, hoping the ghost of Alfred Hitchcock is nearby.

19. Her lifelong fear of apparitions sends Sharlene to hide under the porch when she finds out that Bruce Willis was dead the entire time in The Sixth Sense.

20. Having studied French rather than Russian literature, Hans is stunned when Anna Karenina concludes with her suicide.

TLC / Via

"The exquisiteness of the Imperial Russian aesthetic was matched in power only by the hypocrisy of the sexual mores of the elites," Hans tweets, hoping his undergraduates students are awake and online.

21. Mercutio had no idea that malicious trees hell-bent on revenge would be revealed as the killers in The Happening.

"A slow-clap for you, M. Night," he nods, raising his champagne flute toward the screen and peering out the living room window at the seemingly benign oaks in the yard.

"A slow-clap for you, M. Night," he nods, raising his champagne flute toward the screen and peering out the living room window at the seemingly benign oaks in the yard.

22. Anton is stunned that a simple haircut and contact lenses could transform Laney Boggs in She's All That. / Via

Try as he might to dislike Laney's sometimes sour character, he cannot resist a raven-haired beauty in red. "May she dance as if no one is watching at the prom," he bellows at the screen, though his message is truly meant for a lost love.

23. Denise is perplexed at why anyone finds the finale of Grease to be a triumph.


"Oh excellent! Sandy succumbs to the pressures of the male gaze and adopts his fashion choices," she sneers angrily. After regaining her composure, she declares disdainfully, "Bullshit. Utter bullshit."

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