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This Inflatable Cat Shooting Art From His Laser Eyes Is Your New Hero

The rising star in the inflatable art-projecting, laser-eyed animal scene takes his act to DC this weekend....and the moon next.

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For too long, laser-enabled cats have reigned terror over our cities.

Laser Cat's creators and dads, Dave Glass and Killian Cooper, gave BuzzFeed the inside scoop on Laser Cat's ascent to fame and his artistic vision.


Glass and Cooper, a Barcelona-based duo called Hungry Castle, were originally commissioned to create Laser Cat by The Art Directors Club. The spectacle quickly became an international sensation.


Laser Cat's next stop: Our nation's capital.

The Washington Project of the Arts is hosting the sold-out event at The Yards which will feature Thievery Corporation's Eric Hilton as DJ.

Glass told BuzzFeed, "It was my life long dream to be a laser cat." Though Glass remains human, Laser Cat is a source of pride and inspiration.


​"We like to sit in the front seat. Laser Cat's the hero, we're like his back-up dancer DJs, " Cooper reported. When asked Laser Cat's gender, Glass replied, ​"He's a sex symbol."

Despite growing popularity, Cooper reports that Laser Cat remains true to his roots, "Laser Cat has always had one vision, and that is to celebrate personal art."


"It doesn't matter if you are Banksy, Koons or Joe Smith, Laser Cat is about you and your art," Cooper told BuzzFeed. To date, 15,000 artworks from a diverse range of artists have been "fed" to Laser Cat.

But pizza art is just as welcome as that of the big names.

"Art can be subjective, but Laser Cat doesn't care about aesthetics. He's all about getting the work out there, " Glass told Buzzfeed, "If you feed him, he will mash it up in his laser brain and beam it onto the world for you."


To learn more about Laser Cat's mission, history, and values, watch the complete video.