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26 Texts That Prove Best Friends Are Better Than Boyfriends

If you want to be my lover, you gotta get your emoji game on point like Sarah, OK?

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1. Best friends know how to plan a perfect date.

6. Unlike couples, best friendships work best when both parties are completely insane.

11. With best friends, there's way less time between being annoyed with each other and back in love again.

12. And then you can continue being wedding planning visionaries again.

13. They care that you always look your best in terms of fashion.

19. But your silliness together doesn't stop your BFF from sharing profound wisdom at unexpected moments.

23. But they also know just what to say when you're heartbroken.

24. And will affirm you in your life decisions.

25. And even when you do choose to spend your life with another, they are there to be your most enthusiastic supporter.

26. And no matter what, they'll always be there to make sure you realize just how important your friendship is to them.