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    Posted on Feb 2, 2015

    21 Experiences That Everyone From San Diego Will Recognize

    America's finest city is way more than zoos and beaches.

    1. "It's so beautiful there!" is the first thing that people say when they hear where you're from.

    Via Flickr: 4thglryofgod / Creative Commons

    And they're not wrong.

    2. Usually followed by, "You guys have such a great zoo!"

    Via Flickr: nathaninsandiego / Creative Commons

    And you want to be like, "It's not a great zoo. It's the greatest zoo."

    3. And you get irrationally annoyed when outsiders mix up the San Diego Zoo with the San Diego Wildlife Animal Park.

    Via Flickr: angshah / Creative Commons

    One has a monorail, the other has a Skyfari® Aerial Tram. Get it right!

    4. You understand the beauty of the bro language.

    Dillon Connelly / Via

    And speak it fluently.

    5. And believe that there are important distinctions between chill bros, dude bros, and surf bros.

    NBC / Via

    "Inside SoCal" is such a gift in helping others learn about the world of San Diego bros.

    6. You have heard The Anchorman joke about San Diego's real meaning more times than you can count.

    DreamWorks Studios / Via

    7. When people talk about the Founding Fathers, you can't help but think of Father Junipero Serra.

    Jim Watson/AFP / Getty Images

    Thanks for building the mission, buddy!

    8. About 1/3 of your friends growing up lived in a house with an identical floor plan to yours.

    Via Flickr: ericharmatz / Creative Commons

    And 100% of them lived in houses made of stucco.

    9. You knew immediately that the creature in this photo is not a zebra.

    Via Flickr: photographerglen / Creative Commons

    10. And you forget that it isn't totally normal to leave the country to party on the weekends when you're under 21.

    11. You feel like the controversy about the cross atop Mt. Soledad has been going on for your entire life.

    Sandy Huffaker / Getty Images

    12. You still believe that there's a village of little people living on Mt. Soledad.


    Looks like a cover-up, tbh.

    13. But chances are, you've never actually gone to Comic-Con.

    Jerod Harris / Getty Images for Hulu

    It has, however, created parking nightmares for you or someone you love.

    14. You're still kind of scared of the Whaley House in Old Town.

    15. But not as much as the super-haunted Elfin Forest in North County.

    16. Your friends from home are all getting married in either Balboa Park or the Hotel Del Coronado.

    17. Unless they're Mormon (which a ton of them are), in which case they're getting married in this enchanted but slightly terrifying structure.

    Via Flickr: nathaninsandiego / Creative Commons

    But you're not allowed to go in :(

    18. Few things remind you of home quite like a lifted Toyota Tacoma.

    19. Except maybe someone chillin' on the beach with a California burrito.

    20. You'll never understand the animosity that Los Angeles and Orange County people have against San Diego.


    21. Because at the end of the day, even if you left San Diego long ago, you are still just a chill bro at heart.

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