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10 Actors And Actresses Who Would Definitely Kill It On "American Horror Story"

Because someone has to replace Jessica Lange in season five.

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1. Tilda Swinton


Tilda Swinton is simply the shit. I mean this lady can do pretty much anything to be honest. For the most recent piece of evidence watch her in Snowpiercer. Her character is one you are supposed to hate and I did, but I wanted her on the scene the whole time.

2. Pedro Pascal

HBO / Via

This guy has been on a lot of television shows lately. After runs on both Graceland and The Mentalist, playing law enforcement, he made the jump to Game of Thrones. Pascal has recently been cast on a new Netflix series, but his greatest role to date is Oberyn Martell on the HBO series and I think American Horror Story could be a cool move for the actor.

3. Fiona Shaw

HBO / Via

The last time I remember Fiona Shaw was her turn on True Blood as Marnie Stonebrook, which was interesting. The character was absolutely crazy, but showed off Shaw's talent for portraying odd characters. I think it is a good indication of how well she would handle American Horror Story. Most people will know her as Petunia Dursley in the Harry Potter films though. Point is, she is awesome.

4. Dylan O'Brien

MTV / Via

Most people will know O'Brien as Stiles on MTV's Teen Wolf. Outside of that role O'Brien has been in a few comedy films including The Internship. His biggest role to date will be headlining the adaptation of Maze Runner that will be released in September. This new film and his arc as a villain on Season 3 of Teen Wolf have shown O'Brien's ability for non comedic roles. A turn on American Horror Story could be a cool way to continue his momentum before he makes his jump to films after Teen Wolf, which seems like a great move for the talented young actor.

5. Rooney Mara

MGM / Via

American Horror Story is known for actors taking roles completely transforming them into new and usually incredible characters. Also getting big names. Enter Rooney Mara. One of the most memorable on screen transformations in recent memory is her starring role on Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The last time Mara was on TV was two episodes of ER in 2009 and with many actors making the jump from film to television this could be a good fit.

6. Jared Leto


Cuz Jared Leto.

7. Glenn Close

Paramount Pictures / Via

Why Glenn Close? Why not? She is incredible. Close was bad ass as Patty Hewes in Damages and unrecognizable in Albert Nobbs. Plus she is joined in on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Also, she's Glenn Close.

8. Thomas Dekker

Fox / Via

When the whole casting and recasting of Chris Zylka thing happened, I thought the entire time "Why not Thomas Dekker?" He just seems like a good fit for the show. Not to be an insult, but I think he can play crazy or strange or a creature very well.

9. Mireille Enos

Village Roadshow Productions / Via

To be honest, I always thought Enos was a great actress, but the other day I watched Sabotage. Her role in the movie showed just how incredible her range is. I think a role on American Horror Story will show her range on a larger scale than Sabotage may have.

10. Jamie Bell


Jamie Bell just deserves more recognition for his roles in a variety of films and shows. Recently I think he has been on a roll. He has been in Snowpiercer, Filth, Nymphomaniac, and currently stars in AMC's Turn. Bell is Ben Grimm in the Fantastic Four Reboot. This guy is very talented and if Fantastic Four does not elevate his profile, a role on American Horror Story may be a smart move.

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