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THE List Of Things That'll Save Your Summer

From beach to backyard, these summer hacks are sure to impress!

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1. Constantly Cool Water Bottles

Fill water bottles a quarter of the way - so that when on their sides the water settles just below the bottle neck. Why? So when the water freezes it will make an ice block on the side the bottle, but doesn't block the opening! *oooooohhh*

Stick the bottles in the freezer and go do you. Then when you need to cool off just take a bottle from the freezer, fill it up with your favorite drink, and you're set!

2. Baby Powder De-Sander

Most of us love spending summer at the beach, but not many enjoy the car ride home covered in that elusive sticky sand. Ehh, no thanks...

Get the sand out of your cheeks and off your hands and feet super quick by simply rubbing a handful of baby powder on your skin! The dry powder tackles the wetness of the sand like Joe Namath tackles well... anything!

Be generous with powder for best results, and to leave your skin clean, smooth, and sweet smelling!

3. Fire and Ice ... and Vinegar

Aloe vera is so 2013.

Next time you've got a horribly embarrassing sunburn, fill an ice cube tray with vinegar and rub the ice cubes onto the affected areas.

Vinegar is much more effective in reducing the redness associated with sunburns.

4. Insta Ear Fix

Worst feeling in the world?!

Easy. Ears plugged with water.

5. All Natural "Ant Away"

Why spend money on smelly bug killers when you could just measure out a cup of popcorn kernels?

Put them in a blender on high speed for about 30 seconds, and you'll end up with a homemade cornmeal. Make a few piles around the ant trails and within a few days, your ant problems will literally disappear.

6. A "Wheel" Saveur

Turn your car steering wheel 180 degrees before parking in the sun. This way when you get back in your car at the end of the day, you will stealthy avoid third degree burns.

Go on, flaunt those palms girl!

7. Dab That Drip!

Summer means popsicles. And popsicles usually mean sticky icky fingers.

BUT they dont have too!

Grab a small paper cup or cupcake liner, poke a hole in the bottom (about the size of a popsicle stick, duh), and voila!

9. Simple Soda Slush

Shake up soda while it's still sealed and let it fester in the freezer for 3hrs & 15 min.

Loosen the cap to let some of the pressure escape, turn it upside down, and observe as IT BECOMES A SLUSHY IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES.

Watch a quick tutorial here!

10. Toppings To Go

So we've all been to a BBQ where the condiments take up 50% of the table, the line up is endless, and everyone's least favorite cousin is fingering up each and every tomato and cucumber to cross his path.

Well your next BBQ will change that forever, using nothing more than a muffin tin! Come n' get em!

12. Screen Saver

Just admit it, you're addicted to the internet. But that's O.K. since the rest of the world is right there with you.

So don't fight it! Give in to the urge to take your laptop anywhere and everywhere.

Just don't forget to encase your laptop in a cardboard box so you can see the screen better!

13. Snack Bag Swimsuit Save

Fill a ziploc bag with water and freeze it before you take off to the beach for the day

Use it first in your cooler as an ice pack, then when the ice melts use the bag to keep your wet swimsuit from getting its wetness everywhere.

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