15 Deliciously Simple Ways To Cook With Fruit

Because no one needs to get scurvy this summer!

1. Grilled Nectarine & Goat Cheese Crostini

Like fuzz-less peaches with firmer flesh, nectarines are simply succulent when roasted. Coupled with goat cheese and simple summer spices, this makes a stupid easy 15 minute app.

2. Adventurous Apple Pecan Za

This non-traditional pizza that combines contrasting flavors and textures couldn’t be easier to make!

3. Wet n Wild Watermelon Gazpacho

A light, chilled soup that’ll refresh in a sec with tons of hydrating watermelon and cucumbers. See this gluten free, vegan delight here!

4. Salmon, Blueberry & Grape Salad

Tender salmon + cool fruit = YUM!

5. Avocado Soup with Citrus-Shrimp Relish

Didya know that avocados are actually a fruit? If we’re getting botanical about it. Check out this surprisingly low cal, thick and creamy fruit soup!

6. Raspberry Glazed Chicken Breasts

It only takes a whopping four ingredients to whip up this tangy, low fat, protein rich berry bonanza.

7. Fresh Peaches avec Sabayon

Sabayon - though it sounds fancy and complicated - is just a French version of foamy custard, made easily by whisking together egg yolks, wine, and sugar.
Add some fruit? Uhm, yes please!

8. Stone Fruit & Nut Salad

What’s nuttier than the professor? This fresh-tastic salad!

9. Lamb Chops Alongside Sauteed Apples

If mint jelly is made with apples, why haven’t you thought of this before? Well, that’s because we thought of it for you.

10. Grilled Peach Salad with Cumin Dressing

This leaf-lacking salad, and it’s unique spices, makes the perfect side for any Mexican main.

11. Picante Three-Melon Salad

This salad is a certified threesome of spicy, sweet, and succulence ― experience mexican chocolate, cayenne candied almonds, and pepper jelly intertwined here!

12. Pork n’ Orange Curried Kabobs

If you’re not too keen on pork, you can easily sub in your fav meat. But make sure you save a few orange slices to squeeze over as you eat!
Can you say juicy…

13. Orange-Brandy Butter Bananas

Simply brandy. Simply butter. Simply bananas.
Simply beauuuuuutiful.

14. Baked Sole with Mango Salsa

Can’t find ripe mango?
Easy fix: substitute any other fruit that is both sweet and tart - like apricots, peaches, or nectarines!

15. Pineapple Chicken Satay

You’ll need to pop on some shades if you want to dig into this bright and blinding Asian summer favorite!

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