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What Your "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Crush Says About You

Scooby or Big Bad...we've got you covered.

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1. Buffy Summers

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Let's be real. You like to be dominated. You don't want to have to decide what kind of takeout to order on a Friday night or what movie to see. Your kind of lady won't be scared of dark alleys or rustling bushes — the dark alleys and rustling bushes are scared of your lady. You want your special someone to take charge and take names. Sure, she might literally break your body in half, but she'll look super hot doing it.

2. Spike

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You are into the classic bad boy. Leather, combat boots, and a serious attitude are a few of your favorite things. Sure, you love his rebellious nature, but you don't mind your guy having sensitive side too. Oh, there's a sexy accent attached to this package? You don't hate it.

3. Willow Rosenberg

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You like someone that can challenge you intellectually. You aren't into batting eyelashes or coy giggles. You prefer someone with a sexy brain who doesn't even know what a treat they are to look at. Luckily, you get that witches are misunderstood.

4. Angel

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You like 'em moody, huh? Well, you're in for a treat because your man is a psychologist's dream. He has storage rooms full of issues for you to work out together over candlelight and wine. Over-the-top romance and loosely buttoned shirts drive you wild. Don't hide your penchant for kicking ass — your dream dude will love it.


5. Xander Harris

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To you, a sense of humor is paramount to any successful relationship. You want those quick, snappy one-liners to be flying whenever the tension is high because you aren't into dramatic broodsters (see Angel). Your ideal mate will bring the funny first, and then bring you to their parent's basement for sexy time. Just make sure you ask him about any Chumash tribes and any gifts they may have left him with.

6. Rupert Giles

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Pass the Proust and enjoy some fine Merlot because your guy is a literary beast. He may be a dapper English gentlemen in the book stacks, but he's an animal in the sack. Giles will give you the time of your life on the hood of a police car and then read you some John Keats by candlelight while Debussy plays softly in the background. One word: KEEPER.

8. Faith Lehane

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You like a challenge, huh? Not like a word scramble kind of challenge but the kind of challenge that may actually murder you. You are up for anything, and that's good because your kind of lady is a complete mystery, wrapped in an enigma, held together with sharp objects and red lipstick.

9. Drusilla

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Patience is a virtue when dealing with your type of mate. You like 'em sociopathic with a touch of delusion. Victorian dolls and dead flowers get your engine running, and you don't mind manic fits of psychosis every now and then.

10. The Gentlemen

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Talk is cheap, baby. You're looking for someone with a happy attitude and not much back talk. Well, you've found it here. Sure, your guy(s) might try to rip your heart out of your body like plucking a grape off the vine, but they are unwaveringly chipper while doing it.

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