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What Your Favorite "Gilmore Girls" Character Says About You

Where they lead, you will follow. The exhaustive list of Connecticut-based soul mates is here.

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Rory Gilmore

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You don't mind a lady whose book collection far outnumbers their shoe collection. You are one of the tribe that considers a big ol' brain to be the sexiest trait one can possess. You are understanding when your significant other has to cancel plans to

study because you know that she will always make up for it by surprising you with elaborate theme parties or dressing up like Donna Reed to serve you dinner. It doesn't hurt that she can turn you to mush with one blink of her big baby blues.

Lorelai Gilmore

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You can keep up. That's the most important part of your relationships because darlin', you love a non-stop roller coaster that spews really obscure pop culture references at you every few minutes. You also appreciate when someone spits the silver spoon out of their mouth and attends the school of hard knocks to create a life for themselves. You always indulge your mate in their various quirks, like being able to smell a snowstorm approaching or their ability to eat like a 700 pound sumo wrestler.

Luke Danes

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Put your cell phone away. Your kind of man is no nonsense and no frills. You like a manly man with the patience of a fruit fly. He may have a "dark day" every now and then but he will be there for you the second you need him. You are one of those impressive specimen who can handle occasional unwavering aloofness and that's good, because your payoff is a lovable, scruffy stud who always has a coffee for you.

Sookie St. James

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You are looking for someone who is sweet, lovable and often unintentionally hilarious. Your kind of partner can whip up any dish your heart desires at any given moment and would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it. You completely understand that your kitchen may resemble Dexter's kill room after they are finished with it and that's what makes you perfect for Sookie. As long as you don't touch their food/kitchen or pretend to get a vasectomy, it will be smooth sailing.

Jackson Belleville

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Look at that sexy skull cap. You harbor some serious farmer fantasies. Your guy will fulfill them all and do it almost to a fault. Overalls, dirty boots and more overalls are a few of your favorite things. As long as you don't mind sleeping with the squash (not a euphemism) and never eating another man's vegetables (also not a euphemism), you will have a lovable man that becomes your true other half.

Emily Gilmore

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You sure enjoy the finer things in life and you like your lady to enjoy them too. Your partner treats shopping like a competitive sport and an art form all rolled into one. Sure she will spend all of your hard earned cash, but she will spend it on important things like timeshared jets, crystal apples and mustache combs. You are happy to be her date to countless social engagements because you know that behind her steely, snobby exterior there is a woman who will be your diamond encrusted rock when times get tough.

Richard Gilmore

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You like a strong, well read man who works hard for his money. Your potential other half may come off as stern and tough but he has a warm, fun loving side as well. You are the type who enjoys caring for their guy. You are fine with planning social engagements and making sure he eats enough fish. You know he appreciates it when he lovingly agrees to be your "Bill" for the night.

Mrs. Kim

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You are very traditional, set in your ways and a little angry. Morals are important to you and although you may terrify people to the core of their very soul, they know that you mean well. You aren't afraid to be your scariest you and that's what makes you a force to be reckoned with.

Kirk Gleason

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Your kind of guy has a plethora of interests and hobbies. You are comfortable with your partner having 40.000 different jobs at any given moment because you know he has a mountain of cash to show for it. You don't mind his intensely disturbing mommy issues or his penchant for being naked. After all, countless lovable quirks and debilitating neuroses are sexy to you. Just don't worry if he thinks assassins are chasing him in the middle of the night.

Christopher Hayden

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You like someone who is always waiting in the wings. Even if you move on, he will wait for you or he will swoop in and ruin it for you. That's appealing to you because you are a little chaotic yourself and need someone to slow you down. You prefer someone who has been there all along as opposed to someone new. Comfort is key. Be careful, though. Your ideal guy is likely to try and lock you down too quickly once he gets rich and takes you to Paris. Resist.

Lane Kim

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You love a unique spirit with an edge, that still has some traditional values. The best of both worlds, your lady can sing a hymn or be the quintessential punk princess with your rock band. Her mother may not initially approve of you but if you show her that you have your lady's best interests in mind, she will come around. Your partner will be the Yoko to your Lennon (in the best way possible) and you two can unconventionally rock through life together.

Dean Forrester

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You like 'em tall and handsome. Your guy can be sweet and romantic but can also be kind of jealous and insecure. Luckily you are the type who can handle being dumped multiple times in front of large groups of people because you are apparently forgiving on the level of Mother Teresa. He isn't into ladies who happen to have wealthy families and will drop you like a hot potato if he catches you hanging out with other rich people, so make sure you keep any affluence on the down low. Don't worry if he's married, you are the apple of his eyes (most of the time).

Paris Geller

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You are fine with being submissive in your relationship. You like a take charge type of girl who doesn't really care what you think, ever. She gets things done and isn't at all shy when it comes to confrontation. Your lady is horrifyingly intelligent and her brain power intimidates most everyone around her. Not you, though. You can handle it because you know she's got a gooey center somewhere in there. Just make sure you brush up on your Krav Maga skills.

Jess Mariano

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It seems cliche, but you're into bad boys. You like the unruly hair, leather jackets and angsty persona. You don't just like the stereotypical bad boy staples, though. You want all of the cliches with some super sized intelligence on the side. You must enjoy or at least tolerate confusing mood swings, vague responses and periods of no communication at all because there will be plenty of that to go around. He does have a secret romantic side and would probably fight a few swans for you.

Logan Huntzberger

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Your guy is a constant surprise. You better have your bags packed at all times because he has the need and the funds to whisk you away to some foreign land at a moment's notice. You are of the "I can change him" persuasion and he's a perfect specimen for you to change from a party boy womanizer to a dutiful boyfriend with your charms. Just remember that you need to have the wherewithal to know that grand theft yacht is not a good idea, even if he seems cool with it.

Marty, aka Naked Guy

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You have some serious insecurity to attend to in this guy. He doesn't really have a lot of confidence, although he should because he is sweet, understands your pop culture references and shares your love of obscure cinema like Duck Soup. You guys probably have an adorable "meet cute" story, like finding him naked in a hallway. What he lacks in Benjamins and self esteem, he will make up for in witty banter — and that's all you ask for.

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