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7 Reasons Why Bill Nye Stands The Test Of Time

Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!

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1. The Bill Nye The Science Guy television show


Let's be real. Anyone who grew up with this fantastic nugget of television magic can attest to being unrealistically stoked when they walked into science class and saw the giant TV stand with Bill Nye's spinning (and seemingly decapitated) head on the screen. He mixed cheesy humor with awesome science and that is the recipe for a delicious experience. That shit was funny, plus you learned some things without even realizing you did.

2. He has a seriously infectious theme song.

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Right? That bass line? That electric guitar jam? Random science facts being blurted out? 20 years later and I am still predisposed to start pumping my fist and chanting "Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!" while making something awesome erupt from a beaker. I can't say many other songs have that effect on me. Does Ariana Grande have that effect on you? I mean, I guess she might. No judgement here.

3. Bow ties.


His bow tie game is on point. No one can wear a bow tie like Bill. He must have thousands. It's tough to find a picture of him without one which in itself is pretty impressive considering even Beyonce couldn't get that derp-face photo completely removed from the interwebs. But his reasoning for shunning the long neck tie in favor of the knot?

"A bow tie won't fall into your soup".

Can't argue with that. He just dropped some cold hard logic right there.

4. His way with words


He just completely shuts down naysayers with pure intelligence and wit. He isn't nasty or mean spirited but he certainly isn't afraid to eviscerate you with a blade made out of red hot knowledge. He's also hilarious and doesn't back down, which is so key to being people's spirit animal. Not to mention that everything that comes out of his mouth is immediately meme-worthy.

5. He danced with the stars


Bill knows what the people want. We want to see him perform choreographed dance routines while dressed in absurd costumes and we want to see him do all of this with a hot blonde named, "Tyne". Well, Bill gave us just that. He also produced some of the greatest screenshots to ever come out of that show. The "Science!" gif is used in my life on a pretty regular basis and it should probably be used in yours as well. He managed to tear 80% of his quadricep during one performance and still danced another week. That's some chutzpah, my friends. Unfortunately his reign of awesome ended in week 3 because none of us can handle it.

7. He embraces emoji

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See kids? Bill is evolving (pun intended) with the times! Emoji (is it plural or singular?) is a huge trend right now. Emoji really should have been People magazine's "Person of the Year". Full fledged emoji conversations are now a real thing because using legitimate words went out of style with hair feathers and wedge sneakers. So hey, here's an idea.....why not explain the theory of Evolution via these delightful little things? Bill did it. He did it while sitting in a lab and he did it in under 2 minutes.

Boom. *drops mic*

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